A house is one of important needs that should be fulfilled by people in life. That is the place where they are able to get some rest and relax. By having home, you are able to explore your talent in decoration then. You can play a game named mixing and matching to make the house more incredible and functional. If your house more decorative, you must be so proud of it when your friends give big compliments to your lovely house. They will often come there to chat with you or just spend time together. As a host, you must want to facilitate them when they are coming to your house. If they feel contented staying at your home, it is good for your social life.

Where do you usually welcome your house? Well, usually people ask them to sit on the sofa set in your living room. If you want to explore your house more than usual for welcoming your friends, Fernanda Marques has a fresh idea for you. You are able to implement that idea pretty well.

Outdoor Living Space by Fernanda MarquesThe idea is dealing with interior style for super fantastic bungalow. The theme taken for the bungalow is exoticism and peacefulness. It is exotic since mostly the elements such as decorations and furniture mingled like in a tropical area. Marques also combines outdoor and indoor concept to make the bungalow a good place to get peacefulness of nature. Water, greenery, and also wood are combined in some corners of the bungalow.

Let us discuss about the value of natural look offered in the bungalow design. Looking from the setting, you will get good understanding that this bungalow is really suitable for people who want to bring ecologically friendly environment. That message is crystal clear. So, if you are interested in a natural environment idea for your entire home pretty much, this bungalow will be a good completion then. Stone, greenery, water, and also direct sunlight access are set in the house through the bungalow.

Cool Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa Sets and Book ShelfFor the furniture, Fernanda Marques picks mocha and brown as the main colors. Those are perfectly mixed in the sofa, table, and also shelves. All of those components look so great and stunning with the stone installed on the wall. The colors are pretty wonderful in with grey colors appeared from the other sofas, chairs, and also rug. All components are wrapped in one package of modern home design. That is able to be seen from the bolds and ornaments that are not presented in each element.

By designing and setting the bungalow in your house, you can get that people will love to hangout in that spot. That will be the most favorite area for your social life. In addition, Marques designs the bungalow with great access for fresh air and sunlight. It means that you are able to cut your budget for electricity expenses. You can inhale the fresh air and enjoy morning sunlight touching your marvelous there. You do need to install an air conditioner and turn on the lamps as long the sunlight is penetrating through the ventilation you make in the bungalow.