Having a house with your money as a special gift for you family is kind of a big dream that many people want. Once you have this house dream, you certainly have to decide the interior decorating for your new house. It will be much frustrating and difficult to pick the appropriate style of your home interior design. Well there are so many home interior decor that can be picked and applied for your home. Here, below are several description of a minimalist interior dominated in white, yellow, and dark wood color.

Basically, this minimalist house is designed with medium size of home space. It means that it is designed not too large and not also too small. The smart design idea used in this house is there is only little furniture in each of the house room. This smart idea makes this house is efficient and simple. The entire of the house internal side is painted in white including the floor and ceiling. This neutral color makes the rooms look bigger than the original size. The smart selection of the furniture and accessories not make the interior design looks crowded, it precisely make it wonderful in simple.

White and Yellow Dining RoomWhite and Yellow Living RoomWood is selected to make some hanging and standing furniture in this minimalist house. Those woods are painted in dark wood and yellow color. The wood colored furniture is designed as TV cabinet, hanging bar table, wall cabinet, bathroom vanity, kitchen set, and others. There is a wooden wall behind the TV set painted in yellow. The uniqueness of this wall is that it painted in yellow but the natural wood pattern not covered completely with the paint. It seems painted slightly to create this beautiful look in the living room. And it certainly becomes the main point in the living room since the other furniture there is painted in white with little dark wood color in some certain spots.

Minimalist White and Yellow Living Room

In this minimalist living room, you will only find a large unique white sofa in front of the TV set. This unique sofa has two small coffee table installed on each of sofa tip. Next to the living room, there is a room with glass wall and door. This transparent room is used as a kind of relaxing space and home office contains of a desk and spiral chair with some bonsai pots in the corner.

White and Yellow Dining AreaBehind the living room, there is a kitchen with hanging bar table located between those room. The kitchen cabinets are painted in white as well as the wall, floor, and ceiling. The darker color in the kitchen is dark wood color covering the oven and microwave cabinet. A large glass dining table is located near the hanging bar table. There are six white chairs surround the glass table.

White and Yellow Living Room DesignAlthough, this minimalist house is designed with modern accent, there are also some natural spots found except the wooden cabinets. There are some white flowers vases located in every room in the house. These white flower with green leaves fresh this house.