When we say stained glass, we think of a window first. Small or big, but it is always a window. Of course, it is followed by a lamp. But stained glass as a material can be used as decoration for walls, ceilings, tables, wardrobe or glass case surfaces, even table or a chair.  It is not a material with limited possibilities so you can do whatever you imagine. With stained glass panels many types of surfaces can be made: curved or flat surfaces for walls, seals, floors, windows or doors. Also the interior details can be designed and made such as a lamp or any sculptural interior detail for colorful atmosphere made by stained glass decoration. There are many ideas so get prepared for some stained glass supplies and check out our astonish examples first.

stained glass decoration

For custom made solutions we recommend to have your own design of stained glass panels. You could also find one that you like and use to bring some color to your interior space. Stained glass panels are very interesting because they are open to different geometrical solutions and do not have to be framed into a rectangle. You could use one as a colorful room divider.

If you like the framed ones better, do not simply hang it on the wall. The uniqueness of stained glass panels like this is in their transparency, so they are charming from both sides. Adapt this open kitchen solution and hang a panel on an imaginary wall.

Stained glass decoration can provide a great ceiling solution. If you put some neon light fixtures above it you will be delighted with the atmosphere. A great idea is also to extend some ceiling on the wall, and why not, all the way to the floor, so you will get a completely new element at your home.

Stained Glass Lighting Fixtures

 Two more traditional examples are stained glass lamps and doors with stained glass panels. You could have them in any interior, but with some dose of a classic style. Those are the elements that were developing for centuries, so treat them kindly and with respect.

 Some technical facts:

Stained glass can be used as flat surface or for sculptural 3d shapes for interior elements. The parts of stained glass which create one surface or shape are traditionally connected with lead.  But in some modern solutions different joint materials are accepted. The possibilities in creating almost anything are in the fact that stained glass pieces can be cut and joined in any shape needed. Pieces are always flat, but it is possible to have them cut in any geometrical shape, or an original irregular shape. The acceptable dimensions are from minimal possible up to bigger pieces. Product forms are in different shapes.

 Color combinations

The most beautiful thing about using stained glass panels is their colorful characteristic. Either you need a colorful or monochrome effect or even combinations of many tones of one color, the impression is notable.


The most specific characteristic about stained glass are the shades on the daylight and direct sun. The contrast can be very big with the right relation of intensity of colors and light. Colors can be very bright and intensive and, on the other hand, they can be dark and fade. The sparkling illuminate effect is always breathtaking. Always choose a good lighting solution to have this effect in your interior with stained glass decoration.