Are you a big fan of stained glass art? Did you know that stained glass art has been used since the medieval times to decorate houses and other buildings? Well. The interesting part is that stained glass art has evolved over the time and you can choose various stained glass designs to beautify your house.

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Stained glass designs can add color, energy and beauty to your interior space. Glass is a very delicate material and it lends elegance, class and a sense of spaciousness to your house. Stained glass art gives mesmerizing and magical looks to your house because its colors seem to dance, as light reflects back from its surface from different angles. A piece of stained glass art adds vibrancy to your home because of the color-play of stained glass art.

We have 5 amazing ideas for you to decorate your house with stained glass art. You can use it on your windows, doors, walls, and even as decorative pieces like stained glass lamp shades.

Use Stained Glass Window Film for Dramatic Effects


Why have plain glass windows when you can beautify it with stained glass window film?
Whether you want to block the external view from your windows, or you wish to cover your windows for privacy – stained glass window films are perfect for decoration, as well as blocking the external and internal views.

Stained glass window film will automatically shield your room from strong sunlight. The best part about stained glass window film is that it will not darken your room but will only filter the sunlight. The colors of stained glass window film seem to come to life every time you look at them. The central window of this kitchen is adorned with stained glass window film, while the windows on its either side are normal window films. This has been done to enhance the beauty of the stained glass art and to make it the focal point of this kitchen.

Stained glass window films can add dramatic effect to your interior space and it can be used in any room of the house including the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

Choose Picturesque Stained Glass Designs

arcade window design ideas

Are you a nature lover? You can beautify your room by choosing picturesque stained glass designs for your windows or doors. This way you can transform your window into a life size piece of art. Isn’t that amazing?
Stained glass designs have the power to alter your mood instantly. You might want to have a stained glass design like the one shown in this picture in your bedroom to release your stress. The natural scenery will ease your mind and you will feel relaxed and intoxicated. You can achieve different results by choosing different stained glass designs. Whether you want to fill up your room with a lot of energy, or you want to reflect your passionate personality, or you want to create a calming and relaxing environment in your home- everything is possible by choosing appropriate stained glass designs.

Display Stained Glass Lamps

stained glass lamp

Bored of fabric lamp shades? Indulge in fascinating stained glass lamps and add glamour to your living room or bed room.
Stained glass lamps look beautiful and create a dazzling environment. Ideally, the design and form of stained glass lamps should be in accordance with the style of your interior space. Stained glass lamps look good with or without lighting them up. You can enjoy the beauty of stained glass lamps during day, when it reflects sunlight; while, you can light them up at night and feel the alluring charm of stained glass lamps.

Use Stained Glass Art on Doors

Ball State art museum stained glass

Don’t know what to do with full sized glass doors? Use stained glass art and beautify the entrance to your rooms! Stained glass art on your doors can make your home very attractive, inviting and tastefully decorated. You can create lasting impression on your guests by using stained glass art on your doors. Even you will feel the difference every time you walk in your home, and when you pass through such beautiful doors. Whether you want to create a sense of relaxation or passion- stained glass art can do it for you.

Adorn Your Walls with Stained Glass Art

wall with stained glass art

Why keep your walls bare, when you can decorate them with stained glass art? You can hang them like any other painting on your walls and feel how it transforms the entire look of your room.

Stained glass art can depict different periods of styles and if you want to master the art of stained glass painting, it is not an impossible task at all! You can creatively beautify your house by using stained glass art on windows, doors, walls and lamp shades.