Do you like SpongeBob Squarepant? Your kids will love it so much especially if it is also applied on the entire wall of their bedroom. SpongeBob bedroom will be the great choice to create cheerful accent furthermore it is designed with brighter color as like yellow. There are many bedroom decoration such as wall decals, wallpaper, furniture, and accessories which can be applied in bedroom to complete the SpongeBob theme. Below are several funny bedroom designs which apply this cute character theme.
Wallpaper, wall decals, mural, or even paint is too boring, but how is about the idea which combines them in a place. This funny SpongeBob bedroom is really unique with 3D wall decals applied on the entire wall randomly, there are small to big size of the wall decals. For instance there is big SpongeBob 3D wall decal which applied on a wall beside the bed. There is also Patrick doll stuck on the top corner wall above the bed. Spongebob Squarepants bedroom ideasDifferent motif of SpongeBob wallpaper stuck on the top and middle part of bedroom wall. The bed and bedroom cabinets also set with SpongeBob stickers on the surface. SpongeBob bed sheet on the bed complete this theme with some SpongeBob pillows arranged tidily on it.

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Twin Spongebob Squarepants bedroom design ideasThis twin bedroom looks so simple with white color on the bedroom wall without any other SpongeBob accessories or wall decals. The only SpongeBob accent in this SpongeBob bedroom set is found on the bed sheet applied on two twin beds. These wooden beds separated by a small bedside to store the bedroom illumination, white table lamp. SpongeBob doll is placed on each pillow on the bed. Wool rug on the entire floor make this room warmer.

Simple Spongebob Squarepants bedroom

Wallpaper covers the entire of the bedroom wall. Deep sea live is the image displayed on this wallpaper, it looks like the see where SpongeBob and his friends live. The characteristic can be seen on the flower shapes surround the sea, and there are also SpongeBob characters swimming on the wallpaper. Wooden white bed is covered by SpongeBob bed sheet as like the wallpaper image. A cabinet to store small TV and square SpongeBob lamp shade is also painted in white as well as the door.

Spongebob Squarepants bedroom decorationYellow is perfect choice to be applied on the entire of the bedroom wall. A wall in this bedroom is applied with SpongeBob, Patrick, and other friends on a large wall decal. Simple modern bed is located on the middle wall next to the wall decal wall, yellow pillows and blanket are arranged to fit the bedroom wall color. SpongeBob poster or painting hung on the wall behind the bed as decoration. Transparent yellow curtain hung as window treatment in this simple SpongeBob bedroom decorations. A bedroom cabinet with the same color as the bed is located in front of the window to place a 21’’ LCD TV. Yellow circle small rug is located in front of the bedroom cabinet; it looks so cozy put on the wood floor.