Space saving dining table is great solution to solve space problem for small house or studio apartment. Some furniture manufactures offer and provide unique and flexible dining table to save the dining room space. Various style and design from simple into unique can be selected to be applied in your dining room area. There are several samples of space saving dining table and chairs which has their own attractive features to help the users to arrange their small dining room. And now check some cool design from famous designer.

Unique ideas by Link Design

The first very simple space saving dining table is store in a small box which looks like a common cabinet. This box is portable with installed wheels on the bottom for easy movement. When the box doors opened, there are four shelves on the upper part and a large shelf on the lower part. The upper side shelves can be used to store dining stuffs or others, while the lower side shelf is installed by wood structure which will form as dining table. Space saving dining table and chairs by Link DesignBy pulling this wood structure out, an adjustable dining table will appear. The long and big of this table can be set as desire. For example: if it will used for two persons, just pull it out for a line of table limit, then if you want larger size, this table can be expanded into twice or more until you get long dining table. Wood natural color makes this flexible dining table matches various wall and cabinet color.

Small space saving dining table

The next unique dining table is very attractive with double function as coffee table and dining room. It is really suitable to be placed in a studio apartment; you can set a living room area in a time and dining room area in other time with the same furniture. The size of this modern coffee table is small and short so that it is portable to be carried by a person. To change it into a dining table is easy. small space saving dining tableFirst you only pull the large coffee table top up, then at this time some folded black metal sticks in the coffee table will expand to stand properly in the middle to hold larger wood table top. Secondly you only have to expand the folded table top into twice size. And finally a large modern dining table is ready to be used, four even six chairs can surround this space saving dining table.

Portable dining table and chairs

Sometimes when you are sitting for dinner in dining room, while waiting the menu you always rest your arm on the dining table, aren’t you. But you can not do this action if you have this simple space saving dining table, it is because it has no other space except a space to place plate and glass even to place your arms. This unique dining table looks like a dried wooden pole with A frame shape to form dining table. In other word, this table is made by two A shape of wooden sticks arrangement then connected with a meter length of other stick on the top of them. space saving dining table and chairs

On the top part, four circle space look like plate are hung to place the food and beverage. It is still in the top part, two white buckets are installed in each front of A frame to place beer bottle and flower vase. Two carton boxes placed in two sides of this table as dining chairs. This dining table arrangement is incredible funny and attractive. It reflects simplicity of life.