Space saving beds is the best solution to save the space especially in a small house or studio apartment. Some of space saving beds models have closet in the sold package. So you can store it when it is not used. With functional single bed which can be hidden in its closet, it also can be a long sofa in the bedroom. Other model provides several shelves in the lower part of its divan which can be used to store any stuff to save the small bedroom space. Below are some of functional space saving beds model which can be selected to save your bedroom space.

This style of saving beds is appropriate for family house which has triplet or three children who are in similar age. You can place this L shaped saving bunk beds in the corner of the bedroom. Three beds are arranged in two levels, on the first level, there are a bed and long cabinet which is used to store children stuff. Space saving bunk beds made from oak woodOn the second level, there are two beds placed in ‘L’ shape. The entire of this bed is made from wood, striped blue and white bed sheets are installed to reflect that this bed is for boys. Long deep blue rug is put in front of the bed to suit the blue theme.

Pink color dominates this unique space saving beds for kids. The really unique shape in this bed is very useful to be placed in a small bedroom. Besides as a bed, this compact bed looks like two doors closet which can be used to store anything even it contains desk for study. In the middle part of the space saving beds, a single bed suitable for kid is placed with two shelves under the bed.

Space saving beds for kidsCircle mirror and other hanging decorations hang on the bed wall. The right part of the space saving bed which also can be called as its right door part, there is a shelf in the middle which has function as study desk. Pink chair with magenta feather cloth on the seat accompany the desk. In the left part of this space saving bed, there are three open shelves to store a small TV, books, and other stuff. Under the TV there is a shelf with two knobs on it, flowers motif decorate this shelf as well as the TV shelf.

Space saving beds for adults

This space saving beds is applied on a kind of bedroom stage. It looks so simple with closet under the bed area. The shape of space saving beds is like two level stairs. Semi spiral staircase is applied beside the closet door. On the second floor, there are a single bed in the corner with zigzag wall bookcase on the wall beside it and ‘L’ home office which contains of desk, chair, and other stuff on it. On the first floor, there is functional closet to store clothes and others. This bed is very compatible to be applied in studio apartment since it has little private area on the second floor bed.

Space saving beds for small roomsFor small bedroom which has limited space, it will look simple with this space saving beds. A single bed size is placed in the corner with several shelves installed in the bed divan. There are four shelves under the bed; three shelves are on the bottom of the bed, one with long size as the bed length in the middle level. Those shelves are good solution to replace a closet which can spend much space in the bedroom. This bedroom looks tidy and simple with green and white color combination as the bedroom themes.