Small terrarium plants usually become good solution for home decoration which do not need more space for the installation. Some of them are easy to be made by yourself. In addition, terrarium has special benefit which is not given by plants on the pot. Terrarium plant can create natural atmosphere around it because by using glass as media, it looks like a small laboratory in your home. Besides it is easy to be created and placed as home decoration, its maintenance is also not difficult to be done since it does not need much water.

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There are three kinds of terrarium plants which can be used as home decoration, such as: open terrarium plant, close terrarium plant, and animal terrarium. The first terrarium plant, open terrarium plant, is kind of terrarium which is often found as decoration. Small terrarium plants in ball glass

Small ball glass

The first example of this small terrarium plants use a ball glass terrarium as media for planting. Have you ever seen round aquarium? The shape of this terrarium is the same like it with a small hole in its side.

This round terrarium plants looks unique and simple. In the lower part of the terrarium, soil is spread about 3 inches of height. Four species of plants are planted in the terrarium, a tall plant and three others are shorter, one of them looks like a vine plant which covers a part of the ground. Grovels and some bigger stone decorate this terrarium plants so it looks more natural. Feel the green nuance with this tropical terrarium plants.

Unique gallon shaped

Unique terrarium plants in bottleThe next small terrarium plants is quite unique. The shape is like a gallon with wooden part to cover the soil and glass on other part. Wooden ball is placed to cover the terrarium hole.

The wooden part and glass part can be separated to easy the plants placement. Soil is used to create drainage media for the plants so that they can grow well. In the wooden part which hides the lower part of terrarium, soil is spread out for the planting media. Then some thick plants are placed in the middle of the terrarium. Some of plant leaves touch the glass which give good scenery in this small unique terrarium plant.

Small bell shaped

Small terrarium plants with bell design

The third small terrarium plants is also in unique shape. There are three terrarium plants placed on the cabinet, two of them are in bell shape in different size, and the other is in common small short neck bottle. Moss in about 3 inches of height are placed in each of bell terrarium, and in the bottle terrarium soil is chosen as drained media which is placed in I inch of height.

A small species plant is planted in each of terrarium plants. The tallest bell terrarium is put on the back part of cabinet top then the shortest terrarium is placed beside the medium bell terrarium.

The simple one

The last example of small terrarium plants is the simplest terrarium plant than the others. This terrarium only uses three tall glasses which also can be used to drink as the terrarium. Small terrarium plants in glassA long plate is placed underneath those glasses to make them together. Some gravels are arranged around the glasses as the furnishing.

And the uniqueness of these small terrarium plants is in each of glass, there is a mini glass vase to place a small air plant. There is no soil or moss in these terrariums, for the drainage on the plant, a little water is poured in the mini glass vase.