Floor plans are important before creating a studio apartment with small space. The size and shape of the studio apartment location should be fit with the floor plan. Thus the studio apartment can be built properly as its plan. As everybody knows that studio apartment is a small apartment contains of bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom area without any wall to separate them, except for the bathroom.

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Many people interested in this single apartment with adorable design and look simple. They will not interest to choose or live in a studio apartment with bad floor plan. Bad studio apartment floor plans will cause a small apartment become smaller and tighter. A lot of free spaces are suggested to make a studio apartment, it is because without any wall to separate the room this apartment has been looked small so don’t add any wall except for the bathroom in this apartment. The following are steps to make appropriate studio apartment floor plans.Small studio apartment floor plans

  1. Try to choose square shape building area to build a studio apartment. Long square shape with four angles of studio apartment will make the apartment looks wider. If the building area has many angles, wall is only suggested for the bathroom.
  2. Place the bathroom in the corner of the room and far away from the main door. Ensure that the entire main tools such as: faucet, closet, bath tub or shower, are placed in the bathroom. This arrangement will save the space rather than place a faucet outside the bathroom, it also will help you if there is guest waiting when you are bathing. Don’t let them watch your brushing teeth activity. And try to choose shower which does not spend a lot space in the bathroom. If you require a dress room and closet, divide the bathroom area into two rooms, bathroom and dress room with closet installed on the wall.
  3. Beside the bathroom is bedroom area. Ensure this area is enough to place double bed for common measurement of a studio apartment. If there is a terrace in the studio apartment, use an area in front of terrace as bedroom area. This arrangement is attractive to be selected by many people because this area will have good scenery and air circulation.
  4. Corner kitchen is suggested to be created in a studio apartment. With long square shape of apartment, bathroom and bedroom area located in a half part of the room, and a main door located in a corner, you should place kitchen area in the last corner which is located beside the main door. Choose corner kitchen with L letter shape to be installed. You can also install U letter shape for kitchen with bar style dining table in other side of U letter. The most compatible kitchen you can choose in studio apartment is a compact kitchen.
  5. 5. The last area in studio apartment is living room area. The last space which can be used to place the living room area is in the middle of the room which is located between bedroom and kitchen area. Choose long sofa which can accommodate two people and small coffee table in front of it. A stool sofa or more can be added if there will be more visitors.