Sometimes the house owners have to accept their house condition, especially if it has small size or limited space. Finding most suitable small space designs is the first thing should be consider to solve this space problem. Some people get confused in this step because they also has limited budget to beside the space problems. Today we give you little inspiration to make your small space more large and beneficial. There are many rooms in the house which can optimize using the best saving arrangement to make the rooms have the same function and comfortable as well as the larger space houses.

Small space kitchen

Kitchen is the important space in the house though it has small or even really small space. In really small space, kitchen usually become one with the dining room. U shape kitchen looks simple and efficient in this small kitchen. By applying off-white color on the entire wall makes the kitchen looks clean, wider and brighter. small space kitchen designU kitchen cabinets are covered by white on the middle part of body, brown wood color on the bottom, and grey on the top of counter. On one of U shape side, stoves and its stainless steel smokestack are applied; there is single white hanging cabinet hang beside the smokestack. Faucet as cleaning area is installed on the short side of U cabinet; other longer side is used as preparation area.

Small space ideas for office

small office space designUnique wooden office cabinet is installed on the white wall paint color room. This modern cabinet is formed L shape with lobed accent on it, natural wood color make this unique cabinet looks simple. The position of this L shape cabinet allows the short side of L faces the floor and the longer side is stuck on the wall in horizontal position. This horizontal side is used for book shelf and to store accessories. On the short side which is arranged vertically, there is a small horizontal board used as the office desk with keyboard drawer pull under it. Red office chair is located in front of the desk to finish this modern small office design.

Small space bedroom

small space bedroom design

Do you remember about the room stage in a room? This small space bedroom design also applies this room stage style with lower floor for bed area and upper floor as study desk area. But the height of the stage is not high enough, so that space under the stage is only used to store the twin’s wheel bed. Those bad can be pulled forward when they will be used. On the second floor, there is T shape white and orange desk to accommodate the twin to study together. White shelves are installed on the wall behind the desk to store the books and other stuffs. This shelf is also arranged double for the twin.

Small space design for bathroom

Simple and modern are accents applied in this pentagonal bathroom. The entire of the wall is covered by blue white color with grey tiles for bathroom floor. On each of the bathroom corner, there is shower bath surrounded by glass wall, white simple closet, and white triangle sink.bathroom design for small space

Small white framed window located in front of the sink to give natural light in this small space design bathroom. There are small mirror and flower vase put on the window space.

Small space design for living room

small space design for living roomSimple living room looks luxurious with cream and dark brown color. White color is applied on the center wall, while the other walls included the floor is covered by clay brown color. Cream sofas are arranged to surround the wooden coffee table in the middle. Cream fur rug is placed under the coffee table to give warm accent. TV set is located in front of the white room divider which is also located in front of the white wall. Two big green plant pots in each corner of the TV set fresh this small space design living room.