Good office interior design has great affects to the company image in client’s view. Design quality and space arrangement is considered as the first reflection of company performance. For that we need a design that illustrates how professional our office interior so we can increase the client trust. Especially for you who have a small office but has an extra job. You need to maximize the use of room space to achieve the comfortable nuance in your small office to increase the productivity.

When we talking about technical instrument, small office interior design is not much different from designing the larger office interior. You need to designing comfort guest room, friendly employee work space, pantry, painting and absolutely the big boss room. But there are few small things to consider when you want a easy small office interior design, there are several aspects that must be mastered like the idea of decor, spacious rooms, use of the room, furniture needed and decorating style as desired. And most important is how you can take advantage of all existing furniture efficiently to cover the limitations size.

Impressive wall decorating ideas

Wall Decor for Small Office Interior Image 114The wall is an excellent medium for expressing culture of the company. Use a elegant colors white, blue, cream to make the room looks wider and give some abstract painting but don’t over because it makes the walls look crowded. Personalize a field with photographs of your office employees, add many wisdom or motivational quotes. Replace the pictures and motivational quotes once a month to keep the office interior fresh and not boring.

Lighting arrangement

Lighting for Small Office Interior Image 116Use fluorescent lights or simple chandeliers and then put into the middle of the office so the light can spread to every corner of the room. Choose large windows design that allow sunlight to flood many rooms. You may use transparent curtains to regulate the light intensity coming into the office room.

Choosing the storage

Storage for Small Office Interior Image 112

Your small office need storage that can hold several items at once. Choose a desk with shelves and cubbies. This will give you plenty of extra storage space. A medium-sized rack hanging on the sidewalls room can be used for stacks of book reference or other important files. Make sure every furniture you have chosen match with one another in style and color to make it look professional. Keep furniture away from the door because it would make the room looks smaller.

Packing the stationery

Pencil Case for Small Office Interior image 113Stationery becomes an important part of the office. Normally a worker has more than one stationery such as pens or pencils and this often makes a mess table. Use a glass pencil case to make it easier when searching for necessary stationery. Use colored folders to categorize each file and you can put number if you have thousand documents.