Having a house for temporary living space seems to be pleasant thing that you can get in your life. Well, we know that a house is quite difficult to buy since we don’t have enough money to buy it as temporary living space either for bachelor or even family home. So that’s why in a time you get small living space just for you and family, it may be perfect effort that you have done very well. Effective decoration must be done in this small living space specially for the bedroom.

Small bedroom in limited living space should be perfect location where you spend your time at night for resting. This place is commonly called as private area besides bathroom. It is because generally, everyone has a room for her or himself. No wonder that every house must have more than one bedroom to accommodate some people living in a house such as master, teenager, and kids’ bedroom. According some small bedroom design we’ve found out there, we as the house owner should ensure that this private space looks spacious and efficient for us.Small Bedroom Design

Decorating ideas in small bedroom design

Every room in the house needs special treatment regularly including decorating it in various styles that following the latest trend for the home design ideas. Since we have small bedroom dimension in the house, we should find the best ideas in decorating sour bedroom so that it looks stylish and spacious at the same time. Today we will give you some tips and design inspiration to make you “box” bedroom more spacious and cozy to sleep.Small Bedroom Design for WomenColor scheme is another factor which comes with almost all room areas decorating idea in the house. To make a small room looks spacious and airy, white seems to be perfect idea as basic color on the wall, ceiling, floor, and even on the furniture. Your small chamber can be cheerful with other color scheme. But in this situation, you need to choose appropriate color scheme which can make the room simple, spacious, and airy without too much crowded accent due to that color scheme.

Furniture layout in small bedroom design

Small bedroom design is typically built in limited size such as in square or rectangular shape. With limited space provided as resting room, it must allow many main furniture products to support this resting room function. Since it is bedroom, there are some main furniture products that should be placed well there. Bed becomes the most important furniture which should be located in the bedroom. It is because bedroom and bed is inseparable no matter what the situation.

Other bedroom furniture is bedsides, cabinetry, closet or wardrobe, study desk, and dressing table. You can short them out depends on the bedroom owner. Since those furniture products are located in small bedroom, try to choose white or other bright color to cover the entire part of the furniture. Besides wall decor ideas, the furniture color scheme can really help the small bedroom design to be more stylish and spacious at the same time.