Did you know that the basic idea of decorating small apartments is ‘less is more’?

Let’s explore some brilliant ideas for studio apartments in this blog. Considering the small space of an apartment, it is imperative that you make the most of out it- each and every inch counts! Even the crooked corners and the low ceilings of your small apartment are valuable and should be utilized for practical or aesthetic purpose. Not to forget the balconies or terraces because you can utilize that space for decorating a small apartment.

Ideas for studio apartments revolve around planning living space, storage solutions, and aesthetics. Have you ever thought what might be the biggest pitfall that can ruin your brilliant small apartment ideas? You might not believe but it is the Temptation to buy stuff without considering the space of your small apartment!

You must be really calculative and selective, while shopping for your apartment because a very delicate balance holds the practicality and aesthetics together. Even if you are a big fan of Victorian style furniture and decor; yet, it would not be a brilliant idea of decorating a small apartment. Modern furniture design that offers smart storage and decorative options like partition walls should be adopted for decorating your small apartment.

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As a rule of thumb, minimalistic approach is one of the top most brilliant ideas for studio apartments. Get rid of your bulky furniture and invest in sleek living room furniture with clean and straight lines. Measure the area accurately and clearly divide the different sections of your apartment. Who would want a kitchen overlapping the boundary of your bedroom?

A rectangular bar with bar stools can serve as a dining table, as well as your work surface while you are cooking. Creating illusions of space with pale colors can do the trick; while using splashes of bright colors is also another brilliant small apartment decorating idea. When planning the décor of your apartment, keep in mind the height of the walls and ceilings. Walls are often ignored as brilliant storage spaces; however, you can replace wall mounted lights with ceiling pendants or spot lights, and fix shelves on the walls. The shelves above the TV unit not only look beautiful but come in handy a great deal.

Hanging curtains is definitely NOT one of the brilliants small-apartment decorating ideas; it would be better if you use shutters or roman blinds to drape your windows. You can use the views offered by the windows as huge background paintings. Even city views are welcome because not every apartment can offer a picturesque view of the Alps!

Small spaces tend to look dark; therefore, lighting up small apartments with natural sunlight is a great eco-friendly small apartment ideas. Dark colors like brown can create depth in a small apartment. With your creativity and imagination, one wall can be put to use for different purposes. A small workstation and a wall-mounted LED screen can increase the functionality of that area tremendously.

You wouldn’t want to get claustrophobic the minute you enter your small apartment. Would you? Buying low-height furniture is one of the most amazing ideas for studio apartments. Lower headboards and sofa chairs do not obstruct the vision, as standard-height furniture would do.

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How about carving a niche in the wall to place your bedding? Brilliant, isn’t it? Space restrictions in small apartments often require one to think out of the box. The numbers of ways you can redo your studio apartment are countless. You can get inspiration from thousands of small apartment ideas and incorporate them in your own apartments. The most important aspect of decorating a small apartment is to enhance its functionality.

Make sure there is reasonable space to move around in your small apartment, especially in the active zones like the dining area or the kitchen. Easy access to storage units will also enhance the functionality of your small apartment. Even in small apartments, detailing is important for aesthetic purposes. The space below the windows can be decorated like a balustrade to any other way. The niche in the wall is lit up by spot lights fixed to the base of the cabinets.

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You can never be too old to sleep on a bunk bed. Why? Because it is a brilliant idea for studio apartments! Just make sure that there is head clearing space above the bunk bed and voila! You save a huge space, on the floor, which is enough to place a cozy sofa. Wooden tiles and patterned bedroom wall paper can add warmth to your small apartment, while compact lamps and spot lights can light up your room effectively.
Decorating a small apartment is challenging, but with the range of smart storage options and compact furniture, you can achieve the perfect decor of your small apartment.

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