Hello my friends, I’m Lyra Patrick from L.A and today I will show you a little beauty of my house. Special thanks for Josep who give me a chance to publish my sloping garden design for all interiorfans.com users. I am among those who are not fortunate to have a home on sloping yard. The slope of the ground nearly 50 degrees and it always scared if someday the land slides. My house is about 4 meters from the flat surface and for everyone who visit my house at the first time always said “are you crazy to live here”. They were surprised at my house landscape is like an egg tip of the horn. No kidding, this is real.After doing little discuss with my colleagues, I found great ideas. I took some of my savings and start building the ideas that I had planned far in advance. And here you can see the result of my little advice.
I made three tiers in the garden because this technique is quite effective to reduce pressure on sloping ground. Besides I do trimming the soil volume to reduce the slope to 30 degrees so the soil isn’t easily eroded and water erosion. Few tips if you have same ground structure with my own, use soil mixed with small pebbles to strengthen so it is not prone to landslides.

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This is one of the uniqueness of my sloping garden. Cherry tree used as a brace to strengthen the retaining walls. Cherry tree has strong roots and quite a lot as strengthen to reduce the load pressure in large numbers on the retaining wall.

For decorations, I bought an orchid antlers then planted on the tree. I taped using coconut fiber and charcoal, the same as when to plant other species of orchids. After 3 months, the leaf will bloom and scattered. Love it.

Retaining wall is an important element in my mine. How to create a strong barrier with minimal cost and attractive appearance. Until at last I got the idea from the internet about the appropriate retaining wall design. Using a metal rod that is attached to the ground and then overlaying it with mortar. Last slab of stone used as the topmost layer. Black granite is apt to give a contrasting color in my green garden.

Here is my favorite section, A mini Mediterranean garden always made me feel like a vacation in the tropical country. This garden is divided into two stage. I use the top stage to plant a small palm which become the main characteristic of tropical gardens. For the bottom layer is dominated by a variety of cactus and a dense grass. I also added some large rocks to strengthen the tropical atmosphere there. I spend about $ 1200 U.S. to build this garden and the most expensive is the construction of retaining wall.