Generally, wardrobe has essential duty for fashion storage in living space. We should know that as human being we can not be separated for primary necessity including food, living space, and clothes. Every people has at least a couple of clothes so that they can ensure they always wearing clean clothes. As like closet, wardrobe is commonly located in a bedroom where we can get much private space in. And this clothes storage comes in various designs and models such as sliding wardrobe doors concept for modern wardrobe look.

Well, until today we always know that wardrobe is available in swinging door version. Swinging door seems to be classic style to apply almost anywhere including home design and its furniture. Well, let’s leave that classic wardrobe door and then turn into newer style of wardrobe door named sliding wardrobe doors. Sliding door now becomes more sophisticated style for contemporary home design. No wonder that it is commonly the most used in modern home decor.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors DIYUnlike swinging wardrobe door, sliding style don’t need much space to operate. It is because it comes in sliding operation system when it is opened and closed. In this case, you only have to slide it side to open and slide it into different direction to close it. Sliding door is available in various materials, design concepts, sizes and colors. Ensure to suit it with your bedroom interior to make it harmony and gorgeous.

Sliding wardrobe doors material option

Wood is always attractive to choose as main furniture material. Well, hardwood becomes natural material which often to utilize for home furniture and appliances including door. Sliding wardrobe doors are available is classic or antique scent by applying wood as main material. Artistic detail installed on the panel always looks perfect and always blends perfectly for classic, victorian, Frech, minimalist or modern. Nowadays, wood material can be used to represent modern and contemporary accent in the bedroom.

This kind of modern look on the wood commonly designed simpler than the classic model. You even only can see little detail and texture on the wooden sliding wardrobe doors. In addition, sometimes the wood comes in lighter weight and thinner depth to cover the clothes storage space behind them. In other way, wood is also available for material combination such as glass and metal. The metal is commonly applied on the door handle, while the glass is installed as center material on the door panel.

Sliding wardrobe doors design

Sliding Mirror Wardrobe DoorsWardrobe with sliding door has similar design as well as wardrobe with swinging door. Commonly the swinging door is still applied on the other side of the wardrobe such as for smaller storage space on the top or bottom. Besides drawers, wardrobe has several kits with a door to cover them up. And sliding door is typically chosen to cover them up and will help to get the best space saving furniture. Well, installing sliding wardrobe doors will provide many advantages for storage, decoration and small space optimization.