Homemade shabby chic curtains can be great option which is needed as window treatments to reduce the excessive light which comes to the house through it. Besides this idea is economical solution for the household fund, unique and uncommon creation can be created as creative as possible to complete the home decoration. Sometimes many old stuff and cloths which are presumed to be not useful anymore would be thrown away. Honestly, they can be changed into beautiful thing which can be reused in the house, for example curtains.

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Make your own at home

Every house surely has some windows to accommodate natural light and fresh air circulation for healthy living. But it would need much money to apply the curtains on all of the windows in the house especially for economical family. Homemade shabby chic curtains is smart solution to solve the money problem, in addition with creative improvement; this shabby curtain will looks beautiful and perfect in the windows as well as the expensive curtains. Sometimes there would be a problem where you find your old hemmed short curtain in the box. And in the same time you need a curtain to cover a window in the room corner, but the window size is longer than the old curtain. Do not directly restore or throw the old curtain. The question is how to make this old curtain suitable on the window.Simply shabby chic curtains

There are many creative methods which can be applied to make the old curtain suitable to the window. One of simple and creative method to create shabby chic style to solve the sample problem is only by using old gift ribbon to beautify the old curtain. It is easy to make and of course it is less of money even free. Some materials are supposed to be prepared to make this homemade shabby chic curtain.

Homemade shabby chic curtainsPrepare the old curtain which is suitable to the window size especially on width (longer curtain also can be used to make this shabby chic curtain), long old gift ribbon (try to suit the color with the curtain color to make it harmony, for example: light brown for cream old curtain), and the last is curtain pole. These materials actually can be found around the house, you are lucky to create free cost shabby chic curtain if you have all of the materials. But you will only spend a little money to purchase those materials if you don’t have some of them.

Shabby chic shower curtains

The steps to make this simply shabby chic curtains are so simple. There is no sewing activity which usually be avoided by some women. Firstly, install the curtain pole on the window, the position of it on the window is as your desire. Hang the curtain as usual on the pole. Take a distant from each of the curtain side about a quarter of the total width, and then tie the ribbon vertically around the curtain to make a wrinkle effect on the bottom of tied curtain. Tie the ribbon beautifully in front of the wrinkle part as decoration. With longer size of window, this shabby chic curtain looks beautiful and classic as cheap window treatment.