Shabby chic shower curtains can create unique accent in the bathroom whether it is used to cover shower spot or bath tub. Various motifs, materials, colors and styles of shabby chic curtains can be applied in any bathroom decor to beautify it. Water proof is standard requirement for shower curtain material. So that it will not look dirty wet on the bathing time. Numerous options are selected to get this shabby shower curtains. Besides it can be purchased in the curtain stores, it can also be made by benefiting old curtain or material to make unique shower curtain for the bathroom.

Colorful shower curtains

The first shabby chic shower curtains is made creatively by connecting some different motif cloth to being one. Cream, grey, black, red, maroon, and dark green become the best motif color combination on this shabby chic shower curtain. This motif combination looks so harmony and matches each other with several motifs which have the same color to others. Colorful shabby chic shower curtainsHang it touch the floor around the bath tube in white color bathroom wall makes it gives contrast accent on this bathroom.


Waterfall shabby chic shower curtainsThe next shabby shower curtain is very beautiful to be hung as shower curtain in white bricked wall bathroom. White wrinkle cloth is sewed in horizontal layering. This pleat arrangement falls down beautifully in its height about 1, 5 m. It looks like a pleated skirt but in larger curtain form hung to cover the shower or bath tube. With wrinkle accent and those pleated arrangement, this shabby shower curtain looks elegant for classic style bathroom. White is neutral color which can be match to other color in the bathroom such as any wood color and white bricked wall in this bathroom.

Smooth blind

Shabby chic shower blind curtains

Classic is the first impression created by the bathroom nuance. Old look bath tube located closer to the wall. An iron ring which has about 35 cm diameter is hung above the bath tube as media to hang the shabby chic shower curtains. Slight curtain cloth hung around the ring and fall surround the bath tube under it as like mosquito net on the bed. This curtain cover a half side of the bath tube which makes it looks elegant. White color on the shower curtain is compatible to the bathroom classic decoration. This clean color changes into cream color because of light reflection from the bathroom wall color.

Simple one

Luxury shabby chic shower curtainsThe last shabby chic shower curtains is simple but luxurious in style. Pure white is chosen as base color on this shower curtain. Plain white curtain without any motif hung not too long to touch the bathroom floor. Wavy pleated cloths are arranged on the lower part of the curtain. Three layers of pleated cloths decorate along the curtain width. Each of layers has two pleated cloths which looks feminine to cover the bath tube. This elegant curtain is hung on oval ring above the bath tube to fit the classic bath tube shape. Green plants next to it make the bathroom felt fresh.