We spend most of our time in our house therefore we may get bored with it. When we bored with our home, we can do some changing. Decorating our house with different style would make it looks like new. You can choose shabby chic painted furniture regarding on decorating your house. To add accent in your house or in particular room in your house, you may use shabby chic painted furniture in various arrangement methods. The furniture will add the accent of your house or room. Started in Britain, shabby chic style was the way to decorate the house with old and withered furniture such as couch, closet, blinds and others.

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Painting techniques

As we decorate our house with the old furniture, our house will have uniform look in beautiful way. It will make our home like an antique especially if our house has Victorian Style. You can choose Shabby Chic painted furniture to decorate your guest room or nursery. This style is suitable for you who have not much money in decorating your house. By easily painted all of the mismatched furniture, you can make it all matches to each other. Besides that, we can get cozy, elegant yet comfortable room with vintage style. All room such as living room, bedroom, and nursery are able to be decorated in this style. For addition, you can use your family treasure to enhance the vintage ambience.Shabby Chic Hand Painted Kitchen Furniture Image 164

Several Tips for you

The interesting thing about Shabby Chic painted furniture style is that you can do it all yourself. To optimize the transformation, there are several advices you may follow. Here are the steps you can follow to make your job less complicated.

  1. For you who want to paint your furniture in Shabby Chic style, it is better for you to choose old and barren furniture. Like I said before, we can use family treasure like antique from our grandmother’s house. Or we can buy the furniture in thrift shop. Don’t worry about the old and messed up furniture since we will paint it.
  2. When choose for the paint color, don’t choose too old or traditional colors. You better choose pastel or light colors. You may use lavender, light yellow, pink, light blue and light green as your options. Those colors are the best colors to reflect the Shabby Chic styles.
  3. To make your work easier and the result is optimal; remember to add well coat using quality primer for laminated furniture. Don’t forget to use sand paper to clean the surface of furniture from dirt and chipping paint.
  4. Shabby Chic style will not look good when we are not serious in upgrading the old furniture. And since the furniture is old and cheap, it may not last long. So to make it last long, we must rub the old furniture using candle wax. The candle wax will make the paint last long. To get better result, you may apply layer the paint. You don’t need any skill to paint this way because you just need to make sure that the paint is not dripping.
  5. The main purpose of applying Shabby Chic style is to make the interior in uniform. Therefore you can use matches blinds and hangings to enhance the uniformity. You can choose the tea stained materials in one tone color and also the patterns on them.

You can learn about Shabby Chic style as you doing it. So as the time goes by, you can be more expert on this. You can even add it with your own style. Now you can do apply the Shabby Chic style to decorate your house. You can enjoy several collection of Shabby Chic painted furniture collection on the following pictures.
Shabby Chic Painted Table and Chairs Image 163Charming kitchen furniture design. Chairs, kitchen cup boards, lamps and a few ornaments perfectly designed to meet the criteria as the Shabby Chic furniture. Discover more interesting and coolest furniture painting in our Shabby Chic painted furniture ideas and gallery page.