What do you know about shabby chic kitchen? For you who are currently looking for some inspirations to remodel or install the facelift of your kitchen, this classical decor might be one that is supposed to be put on your list. The idea of shabby chic kitchen design is emphasizing the effortless decor. It is better for you to just utilize the available decors, stuffs as well as the current model of your kitchen as possible. The word ‘shabby’ here has nothing to do with messy kitchen but it is closely related to the warm look, rustic comfort, oldies impression that combined together in chic style.

Table ideas

You could start by focusing on the choice of the table. The shabby chic kitchen is emphasizing on the use of available stuffs and decors. There are several tips you could follow in this matter so you don’t need to purchase new table for your kitchen:Shabby Chic Kitchen Table Design Image 242

  • Repaint your table with the new color that suitable most to the rustic look. Dark brown or light yellow are some recommendations.
  • Place wrapping papers with unique or beautiful patterns with classic look like flowers and plants to the table and cover them with glass.


Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinet Image 243For the need of cabinet for the shabby chic kitchen design, you need more effort to provide it a new look but still there is also simpler solution available to you:

The simple one is just repainting the cabinet with new color like what you have done to the table. Brown, pale white or grey are popular color for kitchen cabinet with shabby styles.

The complicated one is by remodeling the doors of the cabinet with the new style which has classic and rustic look. But this ways need extra budget. The first option is our recommendation.


How about the curtains? Yes, curtains has significant role in supporting the look of shabby chic kitchen design, without which all efforts you have done to make your kitchen looks shabby will fail. There are some aspects when it comes to the choice of the curtain:

  • It is better for you to just use curtain with oldies color. Bright color curtain is not recommended as well as modern curtain design.
  • For the patterns you should choose patterns that close enough to rustic design like small flowers or plants. All supposed to be naturals.


The next thing that is supposed to be your main concern is the choice of accessories. Accessories here could be anything:

Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories Image 244

  • You could place oldies style of vase in the table, topless made from glass as well as unique sugar bowl for warm look of your kitchen.
  • Moreover, you could choose dining tools like plates, forks and spoons that have rustic motive for complete look of shabby chic kitchen design.

The last thing that you should take into account as well is the choice of painting for your shabby chic kitchen design. Walls, floors, ceiling also need good paint for best shabby nuance in your kitchen.

However, you should consider it from the first place but if you think that it is not supposed to be changed because all the things you have done from the table up to the cabinet are enough to provide the shabby look and then repaint the wall is not really necessary. However, if you are insisted, you have to make sure that the choice of color matches to the floor because since your idea of choosing this design is for its effortless reason and then surely installing the new flooring system is not on your list.