It’s classical fact if the room design greatly influenced the development and the intelligence level of children. Numerous scientific studies and research prove that bedroom design plays an important roles in the development of creativity, imagination and skill. For that, designing a room that children preferred which makes them comfortable to play, learn and relax. Not be large because children prefer a room to suit their tastes. Wall color, shape of the bed, all accessories must be equated with what they want. Give freedom to your children to decorate the room according to their imagination. There are many typical of bedroom interior design for a kids room ranging from classic, minimalist up to unique design with particular themes. Shabby chic bedroom design can also be used as an alternative because the design is simple and easy to manufacture. Here’s some inspiration of shabby chic kids bedroom you can try.

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White for your little princess

White Shabby Chic Kids Bedroom Ideas Image 197The white color is always interesting to serve as the primary color or accent in a room. As used in shabby chic kids bedroom above. Almost all the furniture such as blanket, window curtains, bed are colored white and then combined with bright pink and blue sky. It is suitable for your daughter.

Unique pinky chic

Unique Shabby Chic Kids Bedroom Ideas Image 194

Unique shabby chic furniture for kids bedroom becomes one of the most wanted shabby chic kids bedroom. The kids must like it. Simple and soft pink color becomes the best option of shabby chic kids bedroom. Wood bedding will be matched with the color combination between soft pink and light pink as the bedspread. We also can put cozy pillows which have been covered with soft and light pink cases. To beautify the interior decorations of shabby chic kids bedroom, we can also put the mini book rack as the storage of the favorite book collections. Do not forget to put pink sofa beside the bed to fill the room.

Pink pale for brighter nuance

Pink Shabby Chic Kids Bedroom Ideas Image 193

There is another different decoration of pink shabby chic kids bedroom. Soft pink color becomes the most dominant color for this shabby chic style. For varying the interior decoration, we can use different color such as soft green and light green for the furniture or other properties. We can also use cream color for table, for instance. To make the bedroom warmer and more beautiful, the designer suggests us to install the wallpaper which is dominant with soft pink or piece color. Colorful clothes accessories are also nice to be installed above the bedding. Another property of shabby chic kids bedroom is a cozy sofa for relaxing the body.

Shabby with double beds

Shabby Chic Kids Bunkbeds Ideas Image 195Next type of shabby chic kids bedroom is broken white shabby chic kids bedroom. the broken white color will create the sense of luxury for the bedroom itself. Moreover if we use double bed classic style, it will strengthen the luxury of this shabby chic kids bedroom. To strengthen the classic feel, we must apply the broken white color as the most dominant color for the whole bedroom. Starting from bedding, chair option, table lamp, sofa, chandeliers, and accessories, all properties and accessories should have broken white color. A dream of having a classic and shabby chic kids bedroom will come true by decorating the kids’ bedroom with this kind of style.

Simply shabby concepts

Simply Shabby Chic Kids Bedroom Ideas Image 196A simple shabby chic kids bedroom will be the last option of choosing the most appropriate shabby chic kids bedroom. Like its name, this kind of bedroom has a simple design. The colorful letters as the accessories attached in the wall will be an educative media to learn the alphabet for the kids. Then, white and soft pink color will be matched color combination for kids especially female kids.