Your girls are growing up and as parents you should consider of redecorating their room so they would always comfortable to invite their friends for sleepovers. It is true that your little girls would never always be your little girls there must be the time when they should grow up. Speaking of the idea of redecorating your girls’ room, shabby chic girls bedroom ideas is actually crossing your head. This bedroom idea is actually highly recommended for parents who are currently looking for some inspirations to redecorating their girls’ room. Actually there are some aspects you should take into account when it comes to redecorating your girls’ room with shabby chick little girl bedroom style.

Color scheme

Pink Shabby Chic Girls Bedroom Decor Image 234

Pink and white color is most used in eny shabby girls bedroom

The first thing you should consider is the color scheme for shabby chic bedroom ideas. When talking about the color scheme this bedroom idea is emphasizing in choosing girly color like soft pink or soft purple. Bright pink and bright purple is not recommended because somehow the choice of those colors is too much. However, the color scheme is not supposed to be consisting of one single color like pink only or purple only but the combination of white is much more recommended to provide softer look and girly touch.

Wall decor

For the wall decor is better to be minimalist. Cute pictures which is framed in small size frames that are hang in one corner of the room is recommended. Avoiding the choice of bright colors pictures with big size because it would ruin the girly look of the room and totally ruining the concept of shabby chic girls bedroom ideas which is supposed to be chic and girly.

Bed style

Shabby Chic Girls Bedroom Ideas Image 233How about the bed style? Well, for shabby chic girls bedroom decor the bed style is something that has important role. The choice of size could be determined based on your specific need. Single bed always recommended for small bedroom but bigger bedroom is also suitable for this bedroom design. For girly touch, you could choose bed with classic style made from gold iron with beautiful net as beautiful accent. The choice of bed sheets are supposed to be taken into account as well. For the other furniture is supposed to be chosen based on the bed style.

Furniture selection

Well, furniture and the scheme color have been determined and the next thing that is important as well is the lighting system of the room. Shabby Chic Girls Bedroom Curtains Image 235

Single lighting system is not recommended because girls love to experiment with the atmosphere of their room. You could install a cool lighting system so they could customize the light whenever they want.


The last thing that you should take into account is the choice of accessories. Placing a small, cozy and comfort sofa in the corner of the room will provide a comfy impression for everyone who is entering the room or at least there is a corner in the room where your girls could sit comfortably reading their favorite novels or just sitting comfortably and sharing stories with their friends. Providing some comfy pillows as the replacements of sofa is one of the recommended ideas available