Our shabby bedroom pictures collection will be good references for you who will re-set or re-decorate your bedroom to become an elegant and comfortable bedroom. A shabby chic bedroom is a popular style of bedroom from French. This style of bedroom is so familiar with comfort, warmth, and beauty. That is why; many people want to decorate their bedroom to become a shabby chic bedroom. To decorate this style of bedroom is actually easy, simple, and cheap. We only play with colors, furniture, and accessories to create a nice shabby chic style bedroom. Because of shabby chic bedroom style is so identical with girlish and feminine, there are several color options which represent a girl characteristic. Pink shabby, blue shabby, white, and sage green are some color options of girlish colors.

Then, talking about the variants of shabby chic bedroom pictures, there are some options/ choices of shabby chic bedrooms. Here we give you inspirational shabby chic bedroom with different colors and styles. Check this out.

Pink shabby chic for girls bedroom

Pink Shabby Chic Style for Girls Bedroom Image 186Pink shabby chic bedroom becomes the most favorite shabby chic style bedroom. It looks so girlish and it is suitable for a girl. At glance, it is so comfortable, warm, and beautiful. Most girls must like this style. There are some accessories and interior properties used in decorating pink shabby chic bedroom. A small window which is painted with white color will make the bedroom so elegant and warm. A pink homemade curtain is also so matched for completing the decoration of pink shabby chic bedroom. A cozy rattan chair, a big bear doll, a soft oink table lamp, pink cabinet, and flower accessories which is attached in the wall are nice accessories of this bedroom. Pink-painted wall is so nice for completing the beauty of pink shabby chic bedroom.

Blue Shabby Chic Bedroom

Blue Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 193Second variant colors is blue shabby chic bedroom. This style is rather general. This means that it can be used both for men and women; not only for girls. Blue is more neutral. Like pink shabby chic bedroom, there are a lot of accessories and properties used. Blue light color of curtain is so matched for this kind of bedroom. The blue color used for curtain should be matched with other blue properties in order to be more harmonious. A vase will make the bedroom decoration more beautiful.

Elegant Shabby Chic Bedroom

Elegant Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 192

Another decoration styles is elegant shabby chic bedroom. This style is so elegant. Many people choose it as their most favorite. When we see it, we will imagine how comfortable it is. Simple but elegant, perhaps they will think about it. The color combination among white, black, and yellow is very nice color combination which is able to create the sense of luxurious, elegant, and expensive.

Simply Shabby Chic Bedroom Image

Simply Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 191Simply shabby chic bedroom presents the simplicity of bedroom. Cream and white become the dominant color of this bedroom style. Gold wall color, wooden flooring style, metal bed frame are blended perfectly for simple shabby design.

Black Shabby Chic Bedroom Image

Black Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 190Then, black shabby chic bedroom is next option of variants of shabby chic style bedroom. This type of shabby chic bedroom will be nicer if it is combined with white-colored furniture and carpet. Unique mirror design flanked two lights are increasingly strengthened “darkness” nuances, which was elegant but still solid as a black color character.

French Shabby Chic Bedroom

French Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 189French always looks classic. French shabby chic bedroom also provides you classical nuance for the sleeping area. Pale green on the bed lined beautify with white fabrics accessories to cover under the bed. We are amazed with the hanging lamps, full of art and functions.

White Shabby Chic Bedroom

White Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 188White shabby chic bedroom are the further nice options of shabby chic bedroom options. The white color gives the clean impression and comfortable bed. With gold curtains on each pole, as well as wool lampshade equipped, the bedroom becomes more romantic and comfortable to sleep.

Luxury Shabby Chic Bedroom

Luxury Shabby Chic Bedroom Image 187 At glance, a gold shabby chic color also has luxurious feel. We surely will be more comfortable sleeping on this bedroom. The actual colors used are creamy brown, but turned into a gold schemes because of the table lamps effects. Design of the table, bed and motifs on fabric and some decorations are perfect for luxury bedroom ideas.