The idea of redesigning your girl’s bedroom with shabby chic bedroom furniture is because as grown up girl, she needs a new room so she could welcome their friends openly because some girls are too sensitive with their room which has the same decoration when they was still a little girl, and you don’t have too much budget to purchase new stuff to redesign the room.

That is why instead of purchasing new furniture, using shabby chic bedroom furniture that you refurbish yourself is highly recommended because most of oldies stuffs are comfortable and at the same time easy to find and affordable.French Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture 957

  • You could take a look on your garage or purchase some comfortable furniture from second hand markets. Some furniture you should have like bed, wardrobe, comfort couch or wicker chair, headboard and add some comfortable pillows and rugs with rustic look.
  • Once you have all of those stuffs the next thing you should do is refurbishing them. The first is repainted the bed as well as the headboard. Paint them with rustic paint color like white, mocha or some light colors like soft pink or cream.
  • The next thing is focusing on the stuffs like wicker chair or the couch. The thing you should emphasize in this matter is comfort. You should make the chair and couch to be as comfort as possible. Add some old linens and warm hand-knotted blanket with some soft pillows or cushions made from scraps are some things you could do for the need of comfort.

Cheap Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture 956

The three points mentioned above are things you should consider when you are about to redesign your girl’s room with shabby chic furniture. With this design concept you don’t need to hire a room interior or purchase new stuffs because there are a lot of beautiful, unique and oldies stuffs that you could always get for the shabby chic look of chic bedroom decor.