Shabby chic furniture is often used to complete the decoration of shabby chic bedroom. Most interior designers will consider most the precise selection of furniture and accessories for shabby style whether it has been matched with the bedroom interior design or not. In decorating shabby chic bedroom, choosing matched furniture will become the most important in creating the shabby chic bedroom design. Even, the furniture will be the main components which will create the sense of classical on shabby chic bedroom decoration. There are several kinds of shabby chic bedroom. They are bed, chair, table, lighting, cupboard, and many more.

The bed

Shabby Chic Bed Furniture Design Image 115Bed is one of the most important property in a shabby chic bedroom style. Commonly, we see a bed which is made from wood and comes with different color also shape. Not only wooden bed used for shabby chic bedroom, we can use metal bed as for modern bedroom. We only choose one of various types of shabby chic bedding which is matched with our taste and budget. We can also match it with our home interior design in order to create a nice and harmonious combination.

Table and chair

Shabby Chic Table and Chair Bedroom Furniture Image 116Table and chair as the furniture which are commonly used for completing shabby chic bedroom decor have various types and shape. But the most common table and chair used in shabby chic bedroom is wooden type with dark brown or solid black color. This means that we only put single chair and table on the bedroom. The goal is for efficiency purpose. Use single table and chair only will create the sense of minimalist.


Shabby Chic Lighting Furniture Design Image 117

For lighting furniture, there are two kinds of shabby chic bedroom lighting: hanging bedroom light and table-lamp type. Each kind has its own function. Table-lamp type, for instance, will create the sense of warm because it has low-light intensity. This kind of lamp is so matched for sleeping. Then, hanging light will create the sense of luxurious and elegant for shabby chic bedroom. Chandeliers are another name of hanging light. Besides table lamps and various types of chandeliers, floor lamps also become nice option for completing shabby chic lighting.

Windows and curtains

Shabby Chic Curtains Windows Design Image 118Windows and curtain also will affect the beauty and elegance of shabby chic styles. It is better for us to choose matching color of curtain with bedspread, pillowcases, and carpet used in decorating shabby chic bedroom. For windows, give different or contrast color for windows. A contrast window will be the interest and point center of shabby chic bedroom. White-painted windows, for instance, will be so matched with pink shabby chic bedroom for kids.

Accessories and accents

Shabby Chic Bedroom Accessories Ideas Image 119Then, other shabby chic bedroom furniture sets used are the bedroom accessories such as vases, wall mirror, picture frames, and many others. Once again, it is important for us to select the most precise one particularly to match the color among the furniture used for shabby chic bedroom and wall color. So, by choose right shabby chic furniture, our dreamed shabby chic bedroom will come true. A comfortable, nice, beautiful, and warm bedroom will be on our hand.