Sectional sofas are good choice to solve the space problem of small house or kind of small apartment such as studio apartment. Sectional sofas for small space are typically featured by multifunction features and usually comes with hidden features which will provide you extra sit area as well as save your small space house. There are many styles of sectional sofas; of course they come in various colors and materials. In this article, we discuss about several multifunction styles of sectional sofa. The following sectional sofas are recommended for small space house and studio apartment.

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Basically, the design of this sectional sofa for small space from IKEA is like common sofa but in smaller and simpler design. These bold blue, grey, and brown sofas are designed in L letter shape with high armrest. There are backrests arranged in the long part of L shape, these backrests look like three big pillows arranged horizontally. The multifunction feature that built in this sectional sofa makes it so compatible for the small house or apartment. Besides it can be used as a sofa for three or four standard weighted people, this sectional sofa can be used as a bed by expanding the seats and adding a single mattress.

IKEA Sectional Sofas for Smsall SpacesThe Fado Sectional Sofas for Small SpacesThe Fado sectional sofa is a unique sofa that is suitable for small and unique space house and studio apartment. Many features will be taken by applied this functional sectional sofa for small space. It is designed with fabric and leather upholsters options to be selected. The design form I letter shape with L shape backrest corner sofa on a sofa tip. This sectional sofa set consists of a corner sofa with L backrest, a single sofa, ottoman, and a wooden coffee table. All of sofas are designed without armrest. There is a wooden coffee table that arranged between the sofas. The sofas basically can be set separately or joined. The arrangement also can be arranged randomly to fit your small and unique space room.

Leather Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces

This black leather sectional sofa is larger than the previous sectional sofas for small space designs. It is quite unique with connected L letter shape sofa with some unique backrests. The seat is designed larger to accommodate the user to full lay on it. Some rectangular black leather pillows are arranged as the backrest. The uniqueness of these backrests is they are adjustable. It means that there is a kind of prop device installed on the back of backrest pillows. This prop device allows the backrest pillow can be adjusted in standing or laying position. This feature is used to comfort the user especially when they sleep while sitting.

Modern Sectional Sofas for Small SpacesThe last sectional sofa for small space is also featured with the multifunction feature. Besides it is designed for a sofa in living room, this sofa can be used for room divider. In addition, there are some unpredictable things that will you get by selecting this sectional sofa in your small house. There is large box for the storage under the seats. This useful feature is really appropriate to save your small space room since it can hide much stuff under the seats.