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IKEA is one of trusted home furniture manufacture that offers and provides various home products with unique design and high quality material. Various designs which surely compatible to the home interior should be chosen such as: various kinds of lamp, bookcase, compact kitchen, closet or wardrobe, and room divider. This certificated manufacture provides various styles of room divider ideas which is space saving, durable, and unique. And now let’s see the best room dividers by IKEA.

Hanging room dividers

Curtain becomes simple hanging room divider to part a room to another room in the house or studio apartment. IKEA provides various cloth materials to create the best product. Curtain room divider by IKEA typically comes in panel curtain style with three or more panels with unique motif when they hung together. hanging room divider IKEAOther style is only like common curtain which hung on suitable pole on the top and the bottom of it. Their size and color are depending on the customers’ desire and of course the room condition.

Folding room divider

folding room divider IKEAFolding room divider by IKEA commonly made of solid wood and any modern materials such as: glass, metal, iron, acrylic, polypropylene, and so on. It consists of three or more folding panel which saves space when it is not used anymore. Various styles included, classic and modern could be gotten by this room divider model.

Sliding room divider

sliding room divider IKEASliding room divider IKEA is almost similar as sliding door, but you will get more benefit by applying this model as room divider. Besides it can part a room to other room such as bedroom and closet or living room and dining room, you surely can expand two small rooms being a big room by opening the sliding room divider located between them. Numerous styles of this model could be selected to complete the interior design.

There are still many model of room dividers IKEA which should be the best option as room partition in your house. Important things why people should choose the product from IKEA are that IKEA has security standard on the product application and it is really affordable for any level of society.

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  1. Raquel | August 27, 2012
  1. Gheeta says:

    That’s really beautiful curtain. the blue fall leaves motifs is my favorite. please give more info where I can purchase this product.

  2. Wayne says:

    Really would like to purchase the sliding room divider. Where can I find it? Clicking on the link just brings me back here again and there is no information on where I can order or buy these. Please respond.

    • Febry Saputra says:

      Hi Wayne. Thanks for your comment and question. But I need to know which the sliding doors do you want? Thanks.

  3. Marsha Marc says:

    That’s really beautiful curtain. the blue fall leaves motifs is my favorite. please give more info where I can purchase this product.

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