Finding the best room divider ideas are important to be considered to part different area in the studio apartment or house. Various designs of room divider actually are quite confusing especially since they are made of different material, model, color and price. It is depended on the room condition to help you find appropriate style of room divider. The following is general explanation and useful tips about choosing room dividers to help you deciding compatible room divider.

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Curtain room divider

Curtain dividers is the simplest type of room partitions but provide many advantages and everyone can make it easily. There are many designs of curtain, of course with various materials and color. Cloth as like on window treatment can be good choice to separate bedroom and living room area. Large size such as from floor to ceiling should be selected to give more privacy in the bedroom area. This type of curtain is easy to be maintained by washing it once a month to keep it clean. For less privacy necessity, there are also many kinds of transparent or sheer cloth in various colors. Beads curtain is the best choice to divide room while decorating the room especially for young woman room.

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Bookcase room divider

bookcase room divider ideasBookcase is another choice of functional room divider. Besides you can store books collection, accessories, and stuffs, you can also use it as room partition between living room and dining room or kitchen. Various designs of bookcase are really attractive to be selected. If you desire to replace the room wall, you can place a floor to ceiling rectangle bookcase in the middle of studio apartment. Wood is material which commonly uses to make bookcase. The size and color of this wooden bookcase could be decided as room condition and your book storage necessity.

Creative room divider

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There are many shape and styles of room divider. This thing could be created by self or purchased. Creative room divider can be created by anything which is unpredictable by anyone that it could be a room divider. Several samples of room divider are chalk boards which consist of three or four panels to separate dining room and living room. You can write some notes on them while it separating the rooms. Poster collection of your favorite artist also can be benefit to create creative room divider. Install them by put them between glass or plastic on the wood panels with frame.

Hanging room divider

DIY room divider ideasBesides curtain which is included in hanging type of room divider, other solid material is also can be applied as room divider. There are some lightweight wooden boards which hang with strings on the ceiling to separate a room to other room in a studio apartment. Other style of hanging room divider ideas is hanging garden. Hanging garden is made of some pots which are connected by strings and wooden sticks to hold them so that it will save while hanging as room divider.

Loft room divider ideas

loft room divider ideasAnother options to separate room is using loft room dividers. This kind of room partition style is commonly chosen to replace the wall. But it is not as simple as folded or hanging room divider. It is because this kind of divider has solid shape as like large white board in the school. In other side, this type spends more space in your small house, but for decoration necessity, this type can provide unique sensation for room. One of sample of loft room divider is like common large board made of shade glass and slight wood which are arranged randomly to patch each other to completely become a rectangle board.

There are various ways to decorate your home. While some are expensive and takes a lot of time and effort, some of them are cheaper and makes things easier for you. Out of all the ideas available for you to decorate your home in a fashionable manner, room dividers are probably the best. You could get loads of ideas that can help you transform your home, according to your requirements. In addition, the best part of using room dividers is that you maximize space and reduce hassle. Take a look at the top 10 best room divider ideas to help you design your home.

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Affordable Room dividers: If you’re looking for something cheap while shopping for room dividers, sheer curtains are the best options. These curtains not only act as room dividers, but they also help extra light filter through. Therefore, these curtains work as excellent temporary room dividers and also serve as a medium that separates space but it’s something that is very affordable.

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Cardboard modules – There are various retails stores that sell these modules that are manufactured using recycled cardboards. These cardboards are sturdy and serve as an excellent room divider, while appearing very fashionable. They also work great as portable room dividers, thereby making it very easy for you.

LED lighting – Yeah, lighting serves as a room divider too. Various hotels and restaurants use strips of LED lighting to divide spaces. Although this enhances the look of your room, it surely is a bit more expensive than other room divider ideas.

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Beaded curtains – Beaded curtains are fashionable room dividers that provide a modern look for your space. The best part is that you can also do these at home because bead curtains are rather easy and inexpensive.

Semi transparent metals – Curtains made out of metals can be amazingly stylish if you have the right colors to go with it. Metal room dividers are in vogue and most people prefer it since they are not only elegant and classy, but are also affordable. Yes, metal room dividers are usually priced around $30 to $80 and for the incredible style they provide, the price is definitely a bargain.

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Stick screens – It is also clever to use stick greens instead of boring screens at home. Nowadays stick screens are very popular since they are portable and are available as acrylic sticks as well as wood.

Plastic – If you search well enough, you will get stores selling plastic room dividers at a cheap price too. These pieces snap back together and form shapes like meshes, allowing you to use them as perfect space dividers.


DIY #1 – If you have any knowledge about carpentry, making room dividers won’t be stressful for you. If you select wood of good quality, you can also carve your own work on the wood and build it as room dividers.

DIY#2 – Again, some skills in carpentry will help here since you can pair glass and wood to make the room divider look like a window!

DIY#3 – Just like most of us love pinned photo frames, we can also use that idea to make a perfect space divider. DIY room dividers are simple, provided you understand everything about the materials you would need. You can use wood and stick photos on to them or use a canvas and make it look like a room divider. This works great if you have children at home. Allow your kids to play with the canvas and use them as dividers!

It is tough to organize space is small homes and that’s where these room dividers come into play. There are so many ideas out there that you could simply get confused with the variety of room dividers! You can also browse the bet and look at various pictures to get an idea of what you need. After all, they aren’t really expensive and with a little more work, you can simply transforming your home. What’s more, they also make perfect gifts since you can play around with various materials and make the perfect divider! So, get going and start off with these awesome room dividers today!