Creating room divider for a small studio apartment is not hard. Any furniture such as shelves, curtain or potted plants are smart solution to make a private place in your studio apartment. Numerous kinds of appliances or tools can be used to make room dividers. Besides it will help you to separate a room to others, this creative room divider ideas will useful to give beautiful accent to your apartment decor.

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Simple divider with curtain

Curtain is one of the simple tools which can be used as room divider for a small studio apartment. Besides it is easy to be found anywhere, it is also the cheap tools can be purchase in every material store. Several kinds of curtain such as common window curtain, fabric and beaded curtain can be perfect choice to increase beautiful and chic effect in the apartment. For those younger people, beaded curtain in mixing color or colorful beads is excellent. And for the older or for people who like simple can apply common transparent window curtain or unique fabric curtain as room divider.

Beaded curtain divider for a small studio apartmentHang it on the ceiling pole around the bed to give a private area in the apartment interior. To open it just simple sliding it right and left. Choose soft color such as: butter yellow, blue sky, pink, etc. for your fabric and window curtain.

Folded screen

Other items can be used as room divider solutions for a small studio apartment is folded screen. Besides this room divider looks simple, folded screen is not heavy, so that you can move it anywhere without problem. Various colors can be chosen for this screen, it is better to select brighter color which will make your studio apartment wider.

Plants for green nuance

Potted plants room divider for small studio aparment or small spacePlants is natural things which can be found anywhere even without money. These room accessories can be the cheapest room divider ideas for a small studio apartment. Several popular plants can be selected to be room divider. Choose the unique vases or pots to place the plants. These pots of plants can be put to separate the room in your small studio apartment. It gives your apartment the fresh air and natural look.

Useful bookshelves

As we know that bookshelves in a multipurpose furniture in the house. Beside it can be used as book or decoration storage, it is also used as perfect room divider studio apartment. Two sides of bookshelves in back and forth can be appropriate room divider in your studio apartment. Choose two of the tall and large size bookshelves that can replace the wall in your apartment.

Different color schemes for each room

This is the last option to divide the small studio apartment. When people has really small room with many furniture inside, it’s so hard to place the divider anywhere. But you can doing simple color games to divide these room. Use a different color for each room. For example, use grey color for living room, lime green for kitchen and brown for the guest area. And then you can make lines in the walls and the floor as a border for each part. It’s will become perfect combination also make your interior looks extremely life.