Have you ever watched movie that takes setting of early Europe ages? You can find setting that takes place in forest or small village with natural scene and fresh nature surrounds. Usually, people at that time enjoy the trend of living in low big house with rooftop garden. This roof is quite unique because it is covered well by plants and flowers. Or course the plants you plant is not a high and big plants. Usually people like to plant for small plants and flowers, for example vines type plant like morning glory, little bush, and vines plants. This design makes their house feel bounded with nature. And the best is that this rooftop garden design still enjoyable until this time. So, are you interesting to use rooftop garden for your house or office? Check this easy tips bellow.
Rooftop Garden Design Ideas Image 236Rooftop GardenIn this modern era, rooftop garden style is considered as one effort on how people like to be friendly with nature and preserve plants even in modern city. We all know that it is hard to have house or office with garden areas. People use their land to build home, terrace, porch, and big garage, or even swimming pool instead of garden. So, the solution to replace garden is by building rooftop garden in office and resident house. Not just make the building looks fresh, the plants on the roof also produces more oxygen and helps big city to reduce pollution.Rooftop Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

How to build rooftop garden

How to build rooftop garden design for house or office? Well, basically there are two designs for rooftop garden design building. First, people like to build it with garden basic so you make a space on your loft and plant various big plants so it will be your mini garden. Or else, you just plant some plants and flowers to cover the roof. Below are the steps if you take the second options to build your rooftop garden:

  1. First, make good calculation with your home construction about maximum weight your roof can hold if you cover it with plants. You can make rooftop garden design if your roof’s pitch is not more than 300.
  2. After meet the standard, you have to prepare the roof by covering it with waterproof membrane.
  3. You can also start making the base space (beds) for your plants using woods.
  4. Then, build drainage layer using charcoal, filter fabric, or other granular materials.
  5. Next, we will prepare the place where you can plant the flowers and plants by making growing medium. You need to provide at least 8 inches deep medium (it is functioned like flower pots) filled with soil and fertilizer. It will help the plants grow better because their root can find nutrition and the soil in your medium will catch water and keep it as food reserve that plants need.
  6. For more beautiful result, I suggest you to choose various types of plants and different color of flower. You can arrange their growth line as you like by separating one line with another using wood bars. For newbie you can try plants that easy to live like herbs, chives, mosses, and ivy.
  7. In sunny day and in early plantation stage, make sure you watering your plants so it can grow beautifully because water will keep them alive.