Pink bedroom ideas are great option to be applied as bedroom theme especially for new couple who want to benefit Valentine day to increase their love. It can be applied not only for a couple bedrooms, but also in bedroom design idea for young woman. Pink and red as love color is commonly applied in this bedroom theme to create romantic atmosphere in the room. There are several pink bedroom decor which has been combined with another colors and can be great selections as your own romantic bedroom themes.

Red and pink colors

Luxurious and mature are first impression for this romantic red and pink bedroom design. A queen size bed is placed between mood lamps hanged on the wall. The head of bed is designed like a luxurious tiara in silver color. White bed sheet hide under glossy duvet covers with silver motif on it which looks expensive. Couple white pillows and some red cushions put on the bed tidily. Beside the bedroom doors, red drapery with same motif as the duvet hanged with cream curtains behind it. Romantic red and pink bedroom decorating ideasUnder unique mood lamps, antique cream bedside is placed in each side of bed.  The entire wall in this bedroom is in off-white color, with wood floor on the entire room, red color on the bed and curtains, and mood lamps make this color reflect soft color to the entire room.

Pink color and accents

Pink is identical with love and sweet accent for Valentine, Hello Kitty character in this romantic bedroom design ideas gives young energy in the bedroom. For young woman, this design idea is very suitable. The entire of room is colored in soft pink with white floor and ceiling which look pink from the reflection of pink color on the wall and furniture.

Romantic pink color for Valentine bedroom ideasPink single bed is placed between tall curtained windows. Short pink Hello Kitty curtain decorate the plain curtain on the top of each window. Some circle Hello Kitty images are stuck surround the spiral wall bookcase on the wall behind the bed. Tall pink mirror and tall pink closet stand in the left and right side of bed. White fur rectangle rug with circle Hello Kitty cushion put in front of the closet.

In front of the mirror, three circle rugs in purple and pink color are placed next to the white rug, a big red heart balloon stands in the middle of them. Beside the mirror, a pink cabinet contains a lots of Hello Kitty stuff. This bedroom looks so pink and romantic.

Relax with white and pink bedroom

The next romantic bedroom ideas is very compatible for wedding night. The design is very simple actually, with off-white wall color in the entire of room and a large white cloth hanged on the wall behind the bed gives classic nuance in the bedroom.

Romantic white and pink bedroom design ideas

White plain bed sheet cover the entire of bed even the pillows. Colorful cushions such as: soft blue, pink, white, and cream color put on the center of bed. Big crystal candles holder is placed in the left side of bed, two single candle holders placed in the right side with short large white candles on it. Round classic tray put in the right side of bed foot, there are a bottle of wine and two wine glasses on it. For the furnishing, pink roses spread out on the entire floor even on the bed to give romantic fragrant and atmosphere for this bedroom.

Pink and purple combinations

Romantic pink and purple bedroom decorating ideasPurple is chosen in this romantic bedroom decor which is applied on the entire bedroom wall. Pink closet with heart images on the middle is placed in the corner next to the white curtained floor-to-ceiling window. White single bed has heart shape in sideways position on its head located next to the pink closet. Soft pink bedside table is decorated by maroon shelves with heart knob on it. A red bed lamp stands beside stack of book. Above this bedside, a big maroon heart board stuck on the wall, it contains of a small circle mirror on the left side and some notes on the right side. In front of bedside table, four red heart rugs put randomly on the white floor. A pink desk has the same color with the bedside placed facing the closet.