Retractable screen doors will be a stunning alternative when you are looking for a doors idea with different character from other doors. These doors are quite different from other doors. The difference is able to be seen in its design and installation. Looking from security and privacy aspects, this door gives you extra values. It consists of two panels that slide to open when you want to access the outdoor area. While enjoying the outdoor view, you will not be distracted by bugs and spiders since you just opened the swinging part and let the sliding part closed.

The screen is designed simply with sheer panels and works by sliding. Unlike common doors in the house, retractable doors are designed intentionally to slip closely onto the wall next to the door. There are numerous benefits when you install the retractable screen with a company like Otto’s Exterior.
Generally, wood is the main material for any door style and design. For a traditional door style, you’ll want one or two panels because they always look elegant.

Restractable Screen DoorsThis traditional style is commonly designed with a simple, smooth texture of wood on the panel surface. Sometimes, it comes with windows on the door panel to give you more natural lighting from the outside of the house. For a modern design, a combination of materials has become more popular. Sliding and folding styles have become the most used modern concepts.

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Clearviews Retractable Screen DoorsRetractable screens are typically made of wood for the door frame. The shape of it is perfectly designed in a classic style with one or two door panels. Unlike common panels which are made of thick hardwood, this modern door is designed like a sheer screen with glass or wire strings to replace the wood. And it applies a sliding style for easy operating. Sometimes, for a larger living space, retractable doors come with double door panels.

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You only have to slide it in two directions and then voila, the door is open. The first benefit of this type of door is that it’s so affordable in price which makes it accessible for most people. It’s also available to install in a custom method suiting your current frame design and size. In addition, this door can be used as an additional door with any other style including a swinging French door.

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Retractable Screen Doors DesignsAs we have discussed in the previous paragraph, retractable doors can be installed in any door panel system, whether that be single or double. It is typically designed as an additional door. This kind of door is also commonly installed on the patio or deck. Retractable screen doors don’t need much space for installation so that it is compatible even for house with limited wall space.