Brave and strong are the impression which will get by applying the red dining room in the house. Red color becomes the main topic for our dining room design today, but sometimes there is also some dining room design which combines red and other color to create fabulous dining room. Red also perfect color to make romantic dining table to celebrate Valentine day with your parents or beloved one. Below are several sample of fabulous red dining room decor which created to attract the users.

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French style red maroon color

Maroon with little shade of pink in this classic dining room design looks sweet and romantic. Cream color gives soft accent on the entire dining room wall. Two wooden framed windows installed on a wall diffuse the natural light in this room, floor to ceiling maroon curtain hang on the ceiling edge to as the window treatment. French style red dining room decorating ideasWooden oval dining table looks elegant with six wooden chairs surround it, maroon color with pink shade on the middle covers the back and seat part of the chairs. Maroon velvet square rug is placed on this red dining room wood floor under the dining table set.

Romantic red decor

Romantic red dining room decorActually the ideas in this romantic red dining room is so simple with white color applied on the entire wall in this room except red color on a wall next to dining table set. Round black granite dining table can accommodate four dining chairs, the chairs are unique with different frame shape on the back and the same cream motif cloth on the seat part. X shape of unique table sheet is put on this granite table; there is wine clear glass and red napkin arranged in each front of the chair with red flower arrangement as the centerpiece. As the furnishing, unique chandelier hung above the dining table with green air plants and red ribbon tied wine glasses on the chandelier handle.

Modern red dining table by Kiwano

Modern red dining room design ideas

The red dining table set by Japanese designer, Kiwano, looks modern and clean without many wall accessories and dining room cabinets in the room. This dining room is large enough; furthermore the entire of the wall covered by white color included the floor which makes this room becomes wider. Glossy red contemporary dining table is located in the middle of the room with six dining chairs surround it. A red cabinet which has the same style as like the dining table set placed on the right side of the table and closer to the wall. Two dark brown paintings are hung on the wall behind the cabinet and a pot of plant placed in the corner to fresh the red dining room.

Contemporary red dining room decorating ideasContemporary red dining table is located in the middle of pure white dining room. With the same red contemporary dining table as the modern dining room, six chairs which arranged surround the table have different design with Z shape chair feet. These unique dining chairs are covered by red leather with U shape of stainless steel on the bottom feet part. Dark blue painting framed by white frame hung on the wall next to the red dining table, a pot of green plant put in the corner in front of the wall with painting.

Classic ideas

Classic red dining room decorating ideasRound wooden glass dining table with white beautiful flower arrangement on the center is located on white brown classic rug. Six wooden dining chairs with cream cloth on the seat surround the glass table. Red wall paint color covers the entire of the dining room wall with white molding wall on the lower part of wall. White curtain hang on the white framed windows in this classic red dining room.

Red simpleby Jedalen

Simple red dining room design ideasMinimalist and simple red dining room set by Jedalen is applied in grey dining room. Light brown wooden cabinets and dining table set are decorated by red velvet on the back and seat part of the dining chairs. It is quite simple with little red color in this room but it is still adorable. Square wooden varnished dining table is located in the middle of the room, six wooden red velvet chairs are arranged surround it. There is tall buffet to store plates and dining stuffs in the corner. Longer and shorter wooden cabinets are located in each side of the corner cabinet with the same function. Some accessories and dining stuffs in this red dining room are colored in white to make the room brighter.