If you like a red room, steam and accessories for your walls with neutral colors or patterns. There are some sample about red bedroom with various neutral colors on the walls and the addition of red curtains, pillows and accessories. Choosing paint, wallpaper or fabric in red, and that most suits the rest of your articles, the same color. The use of accent colors even more importance.

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Making perfect red walls color

The first think should consider in designing red bedroom decor is the walls color. For a dramatic effect, use the red walls to paint. Choose a red color that attracts you or the ceiling, bedspreads, curtains or other materials that are used to adjust. Use the red quilt for borders. Praise is a solid cream or white, depending on the color of the background for curtains and bed skirt. Red BedroomIf you decide to have a canopy bed, cream or white for the side curtains and valances. Art prints or photographs of art with elements of red to white on the walls and frames or cream. Around the room with red paint all four walls and ceiling in your favorite color. Do not paint the frames white and a white handkerchief in bed. Complement it by a white pillow adorned with red piping. Place a rug on the floor in the same shade of red to be taken on the walls, but in a different tone. Add an accent color such as yellow or bright cobalt blue in moderation. Use it for pillows, a vase or table topper.

Combining with white color for smooth effect

Red and White BedroomYou don’t need red walls to reach a predominantly red bedroom decor. Spray painted red wooden image frame and hang 10 or 12 pictures of red frame on the wall of a group. A round table with a white cloth and the red will be good. If you dare, you can paint your white furniture and a list of all the drawers in red. Stencil Red “clothing” on them with plastic mats, sponge, brush and red acrylic paint, paint, or just plain red borders.

Covering with wallpapers

Red Bedroom Walls

Here you will find wallpapers; the design elements are predominantly red or neutral backgrounds. If you do not know how to apply the bottom line, seek professional help or tutorial study. Paper plates and outlet covers, switch to the room to give a uniform appearance. You can match curtains and bedspreads in neutral tones in the background and select accent colors from the rest of the design. For example, if your wallpaper has large red flowers, small yellow flowers and green leaves on a cream background, cream choose curtains and bedspread, yellow pads, and a green vase.

To make the title of the picture frames with pictures or wallpaper images pop. Cover a lampshade of paper with a red background, or simply add a border around the bottom of the screen. Consider wallpaper with large red flowers, as one of the Marimekko prints or choose from the wide prints, red and black geometric abstract and IKEA for the plant to ceiling curtains, partitions or tapestries. The coordination of these fabrics and wallpaper with a black bed frame with linen and pillow covers large square of red dust. That’s some tips to create your own red bedroom ideas. Let’s make your own at home and share your art work here.