Ideally, a bedroom has the calm nuance, romantic and reassuring atmosphere so we can feel comfortable when resting inside. You can get the ideal bedroom with dim lighting or elegant paint color. But have you thought about the use of striking colors in the bedroom? And what about the red color in the bedroom? Despite the striking impression, the red color is perfect used as a bedroom if combined with a softer color to quell striking impression. Red bedroom ideas are really comfortable place to relax in the night after hard work along day. This color gives the luxury impression and burn a new spirit when you wake up in the morning.

Not only to the bedroom wall, some furniture such as bed cover, desks, cabinets and carpet can also be given a touch of red to produce a new sensation in the bedroom. The red color is flexible making it suitable to be combined with other color. Perfect dose of red color uses with a reasonable level of brightness will make the red color looks good. Here some sample good red bedroom decorating ideas.

Black and red bedroom decorating ideas

Black and Red Bedroom Decorating Ideas Image 117This red bedroom designed by ZigShot82 using modern Japanese bedroom style. Double-door cabinets, blankets, pillows, bedroom’s head are polished with an elegant dark red color. Whereas the bed frame and accessories were given a brown and black color to compensate the red striking effect. Katakana letters drawn in some areas to strengthen the Japanese nuance in the bedroom. The position of the bed is placed back to windows to avoid glare when resting during the day.

Red and gold bedroom decorating ideas

Red and Gold Bedroom Decorating Ideas Image 118The red color also suitable to combined with gold colors like luxury bedroom designs from Rick Waze above. Although more inclined to brown cream, but this design is claimed as the perfect combination of red and gold bedroom design. The red color is only used as an accent to make a balance and avoid monotonous seems in the bedroom interior. Suitable for you who love dynamic and minimalist colors.

Red and white bedroom decorating ideas

Red and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas Image 119

Red and white bedroom for children designed by Marco Luzik. White color is dominating the interior ranging from walls, ceiling and up to several parts of furniture make it looks wider. Bottom side of the wall is decorated with abstract wallpaper and the upper left plain. The red color was applied to the cylinders couch, bed covers, lamp and some books on the hanging rack. The black color was applied to the carpet on the left side of the sofa, as well as cartoon images contained on the walls around the bed. Space look more attractive without being excessive.

Unique red bedroom decorating ideas

Unique Red Bedroom Decorating Ideas Image 120Unique red bedroom design was established in AnandaUbud hotel in Bali, Indonesia. This bedroom is perfect chosen for red color addict. Almost all parts of the room using a red custom color from the curtains, carpets, garnish, cushions until wooden furniture colored using brownish red color. Enhanced by flower Indonesian batik motifs make the rooms have high artistic. If you planning honeymoon in Bali, this room will give you unforgettable experiences.

Modern bedroom style with red color

Modern Red Bedroom Ideas Image 121Creating a modern bedroom concept with red color is very interesting. Elegant and versatile color that can be combined with other colors is one of the red excellence. ZigShot82 already designing new modern minimalist bedrooms with placing the bed beside the windows to get more light. Red Curtain is a brilliant idea to get a romantic atmosphere when light filtered through the curtains from the outside. Headboard has a dual functions as an strengthen of the bed and the pretty table.