Working from home – a blast or a headache? Those who actually are doing their job from home know the answer. But every now and then everybody needs a home workspace and it is not easy to deal with much of distraction. Proper workspace organization in the interior of your home can make you more productive in work. With all the advantages and disadvantages, the fact of home being an office can not be changed, but the essential tips on upgrading your home office to a top productivity level are following.

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Keep it clean and tidy (Basic rules)

The work space has to be clean in lines and surfaces, architecturally speaking. When choosing furniture, try to avoid designs with too much detailing. Your desk is the home of your computer and your main sight background during the day. Choose a color you like (pastel shades that will not irritate your eyes) and make sure that it is wide enough, especially if you are doing some free hand-writing or scathing aside of typing.


Keep it organized (Set you workspace)

Never ever use your table surface as a warehouse. Keep the files you finished out of sight. You know how much space you will need so count the drawers well before buying or making the table. If you need more space for your files add some shelves. You can install them on the wall yourself. If your work space is limited do it on the wall above the table.

Select a comfortable chair and calculate the height. You should be sitting straight and relaxed while working. When finished, clean your table. Finish your day so you could start unlace in the morning.

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Keep the privacy for concentration (Orientation rules)

If you have entire room for your work, shut the door. If you have a living room work corner face your table to minimal distractions. That means away from TV, sofa, and frequent passage lines. When orienting your office space, make sure your focus is clean. If you have space you could add a mobile panel or maybe even a glass wall, for better privacy. Also, your work space should be bright enough, but not with sun or light to your eyes, neither to the monitor.


Keep the trivia off (Maintenance rules)

Big or small this is your work space and the only one you have. Treat it well in order to keep you professional. It is distrainable enough that your home is your office; try not to bring your home into your office. Memories, things that are in connection with the other parts of your flat do not coexist with your work space. So, random home things that you don’t use for work shouldn’t be in the possession of your shelves and drawers (e.g. TV remote, perfume, jewelry box, socks or whatever). And try to avoid multiple functions for your office furniture. Other family member’s clothes, for example, shouldn’t share space with your files. It would cost you constant interruption. And interruption never equals productivity.