Bathrooms are an integral part of any home. Everyone wants their bathroom to be in perfect condition at all times. It is pertinent to note that use of water in the bathrooms is simply inevitable. Therefore, it should be thought over deeply that the such equipment be used in the washrooms that can resist the dampening effect of the water as well as they are durable with respect to the moist air within the bathroom space. Water damages are very frequent and still can damage with very little chances of quick repair. Hence, certain tips highlighted here are of utmost importance:-

  • Check for the tiles for any kinds of cracks or misalignment. If so, be very quick to take necessary remedial actions to overcome the perceived damage to tiles in general and to that of the walls and flooring in particular.
  • The best thing to do is to make sure that you dry the bathroom surface as soon as you are done using it. It will help keep the tiles as well as the floor be dry for a long time and prevent from being moist or otherwise sulky.
  • After taking bath, be very clear that you dry your bathtub in time. If you allow ant water to stay in it or within it, then it is likely to seep through if your sewerage system is faulty. So be very clear about the cleaning of the bath tubs once you are done using it.


  • It is better having an exhaust fan in your bathroom. The exhaust fan should be installed in such a manner that it blows out the moist air outside rather than other way round. It will help keep your bathroom walls and floor dry and free of moist to some extent.
  • Make sure you look after the clogged pipes and drains. If not, then make sure you do since they can affect the complete drainage system and in return the complete piping of the homes. It is more prone to being dangerous and weaken the strength of the walls as well as the base of the house.
  • Pay a good attention to the discoloration of the bath tubs and the walls since they are the indication of the seepage within the walls. If so, then be very pertinent to take care of them by making them water proof using the different ways and means offered in the market.
  • If you are making a new home, then be sure to avoid weak plumbing. Weak plumbing is necessarily the result of lack of expertise and knowhow of your trade. They can also make your walls look stained and very messy indeed.
  • Sinks and the cabinets are generally the overlooked items in this regard. Be very pertinent to increase the checking of such materials. Look beneath the sinks and check to see if there is any leakage underneath the sinks. The same is true in case of slow drainage since they are the signs of some blockage within the pipelines.
  • Within the toilets, it is very important that you do not overlook the lotions and hanging toilet deodorants. They are prone to leakage and if not taken care of, they are always likely to clog the pipelines in a very bad manner.


  • Make sure that the flooring of the toilet is not very soft, because if it is like that then the floor is already in the process of deteriorating and causing certain damages in a very odd manner. Some of these are no repairable and may cause you to spend some extra cash to get it rectified. Hence, be very pertinent in the selection of the floor since they may look beautiful but may not be that durable.
  • The growth of microorganisms is very susceptible to mature within the temperature of forty degrees and more. The bathroom provides excellent condition and ambience for them to grow when coupled with the temperature and the seepage. It is only more horrendous and less adjustable.
  • The excess of humidity within the bathroom space is also very bad. Its excess is related here with respect to the mold of the pipelines if they are exposed and not placed behind the walls. Be very pertinent that such humid environment is not present within the bathroom by the use of the exhaust fans as discussed earlier.

Bathroom damages are more likely to happen owing to the scenarios discussed above. The repair of above mentioned faults sometimes become very expensive and hard to digest. The stagnant water is another disease that you allow to nourish within the four walls of your home. Hence, it is very important that such damages are timely looked after and kept clear.