Bathroom is small space in the house which is very essential to be installed. Most people spend their little time in this moist place for cleaning and makeup actions. Bathroom is built and designed in various ways and styles. There are numerous decoration ideas to beautify this cleaning area while it does the duty as a bathroom. Here the concrete bathroom ideas applied to make different sense of innovation. Concrete bathroom is a bathroom where all appliances are planted on the bathroom floor or wall. It means, you can remove those appliances when you prefer to do remodeling project.

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This concrete bathroom ideas is designed by Art-Tic Design Studio which applied such unique accent on the bathroom. The bathroom floor and wall seem applied grey color with hard stone or clay texture on them. This concept is installed on the entire bathroom wall tiles and floor. Bathroom furniture is planted on the floor with their bottom parts connected with the floor as well as the grey clay texture. Clean white color is applied on the top appliances where the water commonly appears on it. This neutral color makes the grey concrete bathroom looks old fashioned but modern.

Concrete Bathroom Sink IdeasConcrete Bathroom Sink Design IdeasThe design of all appliances is actually attractive with several natural open shelves applied under the bathtub, vanities, and small bar soap bowl that also planted on the floor. To make this concrete bathroom looks beautiful and fresh, some concrete planters are applied between the bathroom appliances. Although all the plants are only fake plants, green color on them still can give such fresh and beautiful accent in this modern bathroom. Various shapes of planters look so attractive located on the floor. There is high planter designed in long oval shape.

Concrete Bathroom Decor

Concrete Bathroom Design IdeasThis oval planter located in front of two water closets. It contains of full green fake grass and a purple blooming flower. Other shorter planter is located next to the water closet. The shape is complicated almost like circle shape or heart shape. Some green grasses are applied on this heart planter to cover the white surface on the bottom. A bigger plants as like a bonsai is planted on the right side of heart shape planter pot. Green leaves on this bonsai looks adorable to complete the previous planter design. Other planter is higher and smaller. It is designed in oval shape but shorter than the first planter. There is a mini bonsai and some grasses planted on it.