When it comes to planning weddings, the cost prevents many brilliant ideas from becoming reality. Then again, not every beautiful wedding is created on a bank breaking budget. With a little bit of research and some creativity, just about anyone can plan a gorgeous wedding without spending a massive amount of money.

wedding decoration

Set your budget first!

The process of planning a low-cost wedding starts with asking the right questions. Instead of asking ‘what do we want?’, ask ‘how much can we spend?’, before you start planning. In most cases, what you want may not always fit your budget and therefore, setting a price limit will allow you to explore only the available options within that limit.

DIY whenever possible!

Things like invitations, place cards, and menu cards can be done by anyone with or without artistic talent. For those with a creative flair and a talent for crafts, bouquets, decorations and table centrepieces would be a no-brainer. The first step is to determine which parts that you can actually do on your own. Of course, you can always ask your family and friends to lend a helping hand to save even more money.

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Be careful with the guest list!

One of the most costly aspects of any wedding is the number of guests. Unless you are working with a finalised guest list from the very beginning, you will find yourself stretching your budget with each additional guest. With the additional food, seating and space requirement of a growing guest list, your budget can be exceed with a blink of an eye. A small, intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family will be a much more cost effective and special affair in comparison to a lavish wedding with a guest list consisting of distant acquaintances.

Choose your decorations wisely!

Flowers have become a standard at any wedding. Settling for non-local, out of season and expensive flowers can destroy a budget. Instead, choose seasonal flowers that you can find in your own local area and choose flowers that are not very expensive. A great way to save on flowers is to select a wholesale retailer instead of a fancy florist. Of course, flowers are not the only way to decorate a wedding. Some of the most beautiful wedding decorations can be created with pillar candles, lamps, ribbons and even seasonal fruits.

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Cut your costs the right way!

Your wedding is your big day and there are many ways to save costs without skipping on any of the important details. There are certain elements in a wedding that you have no choice but to spend on. When you are cutting costs, be sure to stick to elements that are not entirely essential. You don’t have to have a five-piece band for the reception or to have the fanciest invitations to impress your guests. Hand-made invitations, simple but personal favours and DIY decorations can be just as equally impressive as well as memorable. What matters most is that you celebrate your special day with your loved ones and create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.