The creative idea appears to create such wonderful bedroom decor as like the theme applied in this pirate ship kids bedroom. Well, though we prefer to apply the pirate ship decoration in the bedroom, you will not plan to place a huge pirate ship in your bedroom, won’t you? Commonly the bedroom just applied the scheme or accent of this adventure interior theme. But the wonderful bedroom has been designed with gorgeous pirate ship hull hanging near the bedroom ceiling.

The concept of the pirate ship bedroom is really creative with high curving ceiling look and a half wooden pirate ship hull applied under the curving ceiling. On the entire bedroom wall is painted in deep blue with cloud above the ship and under water scenery applied under the ship as if this bedroom created on the real voyaging pirate ship. Let’s talk about the things located under the pirate ship hull. There are a single bed and white bookcase located under the pirate ship hull. The dress room and kid bathroom are located between the bed and bookcase. There is a simple cabinet in blue located in the middle of dress room and bathroom door. This three-drawer blue cabinet is used to hold a small table lamp and mini photo frame.

Pirate Ship Themed BedroomPirate Kids Bedroom DesignThe ship accent applied in this bedroom especially the things connected with the pirate ship hull. To access the pirate ship, you can go up ladder near the bedroom entrance door and then go across a wood bridge. There is unique small stone jail located in front of the wooden ladder. Your children certainly can play their imagination to become a good pirate who always jails their enemy. After you accessed the wooden bridge, You will find a wonderful wooden ship deck complete with ship steer wheel and crow’s nest applied in higher position. This crow’s nest is designed in small dimension so that only a kid who can access this spot. There are two ropes applied on the nest to give you access into it.

Next to the crow’s nest, there is a wooden ship steer wheel to steer your pirate ship. A hole with cube wooden frame located in front of the steer wheel. This hole is an alternative access into the dress room above. Don’t worry for an adult who feel curious to try this alternative dress room entrance, this hole is designed large enough for an adult.