Pink living room is commonly applied in the house where the owners so much like pink color. Lots of girls love this feminine color, even when they have grown to adult. Pink living room design choice is a home decor solution for them. But it is important to not apply pink color for all of the furniture in the living room. It will create bad impression from the guests. Okay, let’s discuss more deep about how to decorate living room with pink color.


As everybody knows that living room is commonly a place where we come together with our families and friends. This room is also used to receive the guests or just for enjoying your spare time while reading. Adding pink as its main color on the walls or furniture will give feminine aura to this pink living room. Soften atmosphere which is created by pink color produces peace and comfortable feeling for the owners.

Pink and gold living room decorating ideaNot only that, pink color will make you children feel comfort and happy especially your daughter. Most little girl loving pink color and decorating living room with pink color are good ways to kept your child “stay at home”.

Suitable furniture for pink color

Currently, many living room furniture sets are provided by the supply stores in various style and color. The main furniture for living room such as: long sofa, single sofa, and coffee table are a must in living room. For its color can be suited to the walls color with color combination white and pink. With this color combination, the living room will not look so boring or to striking. Some simple cabinets, bookshelf, standing lamps or hanging lamp, LCD TV, and music player are also compatible to complete this living room decoration. Don’t forget to choose color combination of pink and other neutral color to make it chic and cozy.

The accessories

Pink living room furniture setFor the accessories selecting, it is based on your pink living room design. Is it classic, modern, luxurious, or other designs? If it has windows, use floor-to-ceiling drapery curtains in maroon color or satin pink curtains to increase the sweet accent to the living room. Several vases of pink rose also help to give romantic nuance and natural fragrance in the room. It will make the guests which are visiting your living room feel relax and comfort. A large mirror with white border makes the living room wider and looks classic.

Tips to decor pink living room

  • Do not use to much pink color in the living room, to much pink on the walls or furniture will make it uncomfortable to be seen and looks striking. Try to combine pink and another neutral color like: white, brown, and grey color which will blend harmony with pink.
  • Place glossy white cabinet in your pink living room, it will create romantic shade effect in the room. Light brown cabinet is also suitable with pink color.
  • Though its name is pink living room, it is not surely come in pink walls. White color as room backdrop is appropriate to this decoration. Choose the furniture which has pink motif on it, such as: a long white sofa which is combined with pink flower motif on the seat and its cushion.
  • Wood floor on the entire of living room will give warm effect in the room. Put wool rug in white or grey color under the coffee table for finishing touch.