Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a personalized balcony that is also inviting and peaceful? Start working on personalizing your balcony now! To begin with, stop dumping unwanted stuff of your home in your balconies.
Although the size and the structure of the balconies are the key factors to consider before embarking on this project; but the good news is that even small balconies can be transformed according to your taste, requirements and imagination.

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Choosing the right material for balconies

An impression of elegance and spaciousness can even be given to small balconies by using decorative balustrades. The contrasting colour combination of the black balustrades and the ivory walls lend elegance to this French-country style balcony; while the reflecting sunrays from the glass windows give an illusion of spaciousness.

French-style balcony with elegant stainless steel black balustrades


Playing with colours

Choosing the right colours is really important to personalize your balcony. This Italian-style balcony looks vibrant with the interesting interplay of warm and cool colours. The arrangement and shape of the flower pots is also in accordance with the design of the balcony.

Italian-style balcony decorated with flowers and plants

Photo courtesy:  dreamstime.com

Photo courtesy: http://www.dreamstime.com

In urban areas, balconies are seldom used as places where one can relax due to the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below. Therefore, people are forced to stay indoors, but not anymore! Now you can transform your balcony into your favourite retreat spot and enjoy the view of the setting sun or the starry night.
Quite often, close neighbourhood in urban areas doesn’t allow privacy in balconies. In such cases, it is best to shield balconies with tall plants as shown in this picture. The rug, the cushions and the throw on the couch make this balcony inviting and cosy.


Extend your living room

Have you ever thought about extending your living room to the balcony? This is absolutely a great idea for homes with small living rooms. You can also place some plants to add height and colour. The long coffee table and the square-shaped rug beneath it allow symmetrical arrangement of furniture. The neutral colour combination of this balcony gives it a soft and casual feel, which is just perfect for a pleasant evening to be spent outdoors.


Use foldable furniture for balconies

You cannot rule out the possibility of weather damage to your furniture placed in your balconies. If you are short of space, then it is advisable to use foldable furniture in your balconies, which can be stowed away on a rainy day.

Use patio-umbrellas

Strong sunlight or occasional rain showers prohibit many people to use their balconies for relaxing or casual dining. Using patio umbrellas, like the one shown in the picture by Ikea can make your balcony more functional and enjoyable.

patio umbrella