Pergola are the best option to be placed outside of the house. Pergola is usually used to create shade area to avoid sun light directly. This building is created with some vine plants climbing on it as its roof so that the area under it will feel fresh and cool. Some of pergola are installed on the windows, some of them built in the terrace or garden area. Romantic atmosphere will appear under this building at night, with a set of dining table and a candle for lighting under it.

Romantic nuance under patio pergola

There are various kinds of pergola design ideas; one of them is patio pergola. As everybody knows that patio is a space in the outside of the house which has solid floor on it but without the wall to cover it. Wooden patio pergola ideasPergola which is built on patio called as patio pergola. This pergola usually used to make shaded area for barbequing in good weather. Vine plants are suggested to be planted in each of pergola pole, so that they can grow and climb on the pergola roof to make shaded area under it. At night with dreary lightning, romantic nuance will be created for romantic dinner plan. Wooden pergola will create classic accent in this patio, while aluminum pergola gives modern touch on it.

Enjoy the sun in deck pergola

Classic wooden deck pergola designDeck is a flat place with wooden floor like a deck in the ship which usually found next to the house or on the house roof. Deck area usually built in the house which its floor has long distant with the ground, so that the deck would be built like a stage terrace above the ground. In this area, pergola is commonly built to give shaded area to enjoy the scenery outside the house. Sometimes in many house, vines plants grow well on the roof, another pergola is intentionally not grown any vine plant to give shaded area. It is because this deck pergola is used for sunbathe activity. Deck pergola is one of pergola design ideas which are built being one to the house.

Covered pergola for private area

Covered pergola design ideas

Long walkway next to the house or in the large garden usually use pergola to decorate it beautifully. Covered pergola design commonly use vine plants which grow and climb as natural roof on pergola. As other optional, if the owners do not want any roof on their pergola, covered pergola in the side of it can be chosen. Bamboo blinds are usually hanged to give private area. Bricked pergola is designed to be covered pergola with additional fence surround it.

Backyard pergola for family gathering

Backyard iron pergola design ideasBuilt pergola in the backyard will complete the house design idea. Pergola design ideas also has various such as backyard pergola to be installed as shaded space in the backyard for gathering activity. For some houses in the city, which do not have patio or front yard, backyard is the one solution as playing area for children, pool, or other physically activity. Although there would be fence surround it, backyard is a favorite private area for doing activity in the outside. Backyard pergola is commonly installed in this area with vine plants roof or without any roof on it. Wood is usually selected as backyard pergola which offered in cheap cost to get it.

Beautiful garden pergola

French garden pergola design IdeasGarden pergola has many unique shapes to be installed in the garden. If we usually found common pergola in square shape, garden pergola is created in curve shape, dome, and short square shape with carved wall in its side, etc. White is often applied in this pergola. It looks classic and chic in the garden.