KASCH’s overflow bathtubs are several bathtub series which designed for environment friendly creation where you can enjoy the modernism while feel the nature from the start until finish the bathing. This overflow bathtub is patented on the floor so that it looks unique especially on wood floor. There are six overflow bathtub designs made by KASCH which are designed in different dimension and shape. Those overflow bathtubs have got several popular awards including ‘Reddot Design Award 2008’, ‘iF Product Design Award 2009’, ‘Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009’, and ‘iF Product Design Award 2010’.

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Top upper three KASCH’s overflow bathtubs

Oval Overflow Bathtubs Design IdeasIn this article, we will discuss the sixth overflow bathtubs that are designed in different dimension and shape. But they certainly have their own uniqueness to attract the design lovers to purchase it. The first bathtub is called as CHI. It designed in 2.000 mm of length and width, 500 mm of height, and 190 kg of weight. It can accommodate up to 860 litters of water. CHI bathtub is made in square shape with rounded corner to make it looks stylish on the bathroom floor.

Square Pond Overflow BathtubsThe second top of KASCH’s overflow bathtubs is called as FLOAT. This bathtub is designed in the same shape as CHI with square shape and rounded corner. This FLOAT is made in the same dimension as like CHI but it has smaller volume to accommodate the water weight that is only 780 litters. The last top three overflow bathtub is called as LAKE. This bathtub looks smaller than the top two bathtubs namely CHI and FLOAT. It is because this LAKE is designed in long oval shape and has smaller dimension as the previous bathtubs. It made in 2.200 mm of length, 1.300 mm of width, 150 kg of weight, and only can accommodate up to 370 litters of water weight.

Top lower three KASCH’s overflow bathtubs

Round Overflow Bathtubs

The last lower three KASCH’s overflow bathtubs are ORIENTAL, POND, and WISH. The ORIENTAL bathtub has round shape with natural faucet installed on the wall next to it. It made in the same dimension as like CHI and FLOAT with smaller bathtub and water height. The POND has rectangular shape with no rounded corner applied to soft it.
The last lower top bathtub by KASCH is called as WISH. This bathtub is designed perfectly in oval shape as like wish pond complete with hanging faucet to flow the water in.  The overflow bathtubs are perfect options for you who want to enjoy the modernism and natural sense at the same time.