Organic bed is kind of unique comfortable bed which is specifically designed for eco friendly product. This kind of organic bedding sets certainly made of eco friendly material which helps you to reduce any bad effect for the earth. Besides it made especially of organic material, this SLEEPY bed is also has several special features that make it as special as main bedroom furniture.

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The modern concept on SLEEPY organic Bed

SLEEPY organic bed definitely created to represent such modern bedroom furniture which is economical and environment friendly. The design of this eco bed is really modern with unique shape of headboard and soft material applied to cover the bed frame. SLEPPY bed was successfully designed by Angelo Tomaluolo. Once it has been designed, this SLEEPY bed then produced by Tonin CASA for the realization of the product design.

Organic Bed SetsOrganic Bed SheetsSpeaking of the SLEEPY organic bed, you also should know about the shape and design of this modern and unique bed. This bed is created as king sized bed so that it suits a large bedroom space in modern bedroom interior decor. This bed is designed as like a flat ship or large raft with curving accent on the edge to wrap the mattress. Unique headboard completes the wrapped design on this raft look like bed with rectangular hole in the middle. This hole shows little top part of the pillows.

Organic Bed Linen and Furniture

Organic Bed and Decorating IdeasThe bed frame is upholstered by soft white material which is installed neatly and perfectly to ensure the bed quality of manufacturing. The mattress made of the same material but colored in brown to create such contrast accent on this SLEEPY bed. You can combine this modern organic bed with fur white blanket to complete it into comfortable bedroom decor.

Modern accents and accessories for the SLEEPY eco bedding

Organic Cot Bed MattressOrganic Cotton Bed SheetsBedside is essential and optional bedroom furniture which usually purchased to complete the decorations. It might be made of wood with cabinet and drawer to store small stuff before sleeping such as glasses, keys, and watch. But to complete this modern bed, transparent glass bedside is more suitable than wooden bedside for common bed. It is designed in C letter shape for incredible fit application to suit the SLEEPY bed. Per package of SLEEPY modern and eco bed, you will get double glass bedside to complete the bed. You can place it anywhere near the bed including next to the bed or in front of the foot area of the SLEEPY organic bedding sets.