Your career plans are panning out the way you imagined.  Dreams of becoming the next big name in the world of interior design wake you up every morning. So what would be the next logical step? Professionals with experience and expertise are always the most sorted ones in any field. In order to take baby steps into the professional world you need to get something straight. A professional degree or at least an accredited certification is needed in the field of Interior Designing. These courses help get you acquainted with the roots of designing but also play a vital role in garnering theoretical knowledge. If an international backing is on agenda but expenditure is playing spoilsport. There is a solution via the number of renowned international design schools and educational institutions that provide online degree courses. These courses are very diverse as you can benefit from the virtual classroom interactions and support provided online. These courses are very comprehensive and competitive which in turn result in accredited certification and all of this is possible just a click away. So here is a list of some of the globally renowned and sort after online degree courses in Interior Design.

online interior design course

New York School of Interior Design – The New York School of Interior Design located in infamous New York is very popular of its online e-learning programmes. Their online distance learning programmes are a perfect fit for those working around the clock and can’t make it to the classrooms. The courseware is very manageable and apt for students and professional looking for ideal classroom benefits as the online courseware is similar to the ones taught in the classroom set up. Students can benefit from the online video presentations and lectures of faculty. Overall details about the different courses for both undergraduate and post graduate degrees can be availed at the school’s website:

Academy of Art University, San Francisco – The Academy of Art University located in San Francisco a city that really values art and creativity be it kitsch or something ubercool. This university has eclectic set of interior design courses available online. They are known for their online learning undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The course is designed to be very compelling under the aegis of faculty that comprises of professional designers from the industry. Students also get to showcase their talent and creative edge through the university organized exhibition.  For any additional and requisite information make sure to check the university website:

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh based in Pittsburgh happens to have an accreditation from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and their online BA programme in Interior Design is accredited to match the standards sort after by employers and the industry. The course places a lot of importance to functionality and practicality of designs. The course allows students to display their talent and ideas via putting together and exhibiting their work portfolio. Further details about the different programmes available can be looked into at the institute’s website:

National Design Academy, Nottingham – The National Design Academy is very reputed and recognized educational establishments in term of online learning for interior design. The academy offers varied programmes at undergraduate, foundation and diploma levels. The degree programme is partnered and accredited by Staffordshire University. The online learning environment is backed by virtual classroom interactions. The courseware is very compelling and manageable for students on a time crunch.  For a more detailed overview of the various courses available do check out the academy’s website:

The Inchbald School of Design, London – The Inchbald School of Design based out of London is a very reputed and independent establishment in the field of Interior Design. The design school offers MA degree courses to Postgraduate Diploma programmes. The design school is recognized and accredited by the University of Wales. The online courses are backed by ample support from the professional faculty and inclusive of student projects and workshops. A detailed overview of the courseware is available at the design school’s website:

Here are some of the few recognized and sought after online educational courses for interior design. Online learning is sorted out for its flexibility time wise and its expenditure. Having a professional degree to support your passion to pursue interior designing as a promising career is the right way to go. A thorough knowledge of the basics in any field is very important. Online courses with accreditation tend to weigh heavily when it comes to the mind of employers. University affiliated courses or a course that is highly regarded and approved by the council of interior design paves way for a smoother landing when trying to get the grips of the professional world. Design industry values a trained expert more.