The world of interior decor is indeed a great place for innovation and multiple blends. There are several ideas that keep popping up every now and then and intrigue the desires of the interior decor fanatics to go for them and keep upbeat about the artistic feel of the homes. Generally people desire the change in their homes as the weather changes as well. The arrival of the new season offers a change in the colors all along the layout of the homes in order to feel good and stay upbeat about the overall look of their homes.

It is the spring that offers a happy and colorful feeling in the world around you. But what if the colors are bright and sunny in the world around you and remain one dimensional and conventional at your homes? Of course, you will feel boring. The latest in this regard offered by the interior designers and decorators is the idea of flocking or the ombre paint technique, the one making waves in the interior decor of home in the present times. So once you are about give the new lick to your walls, a glimpse into the ombre paint technique world may suggest new styles and colors combination in your mind.

Teal Paintbox

The ombre paint effect is called flocking. It generally is the ombre effect that helps the interior designer to be more creative and help them play with the colors in a more intriguing manner. A question may click to mind as to where this concept should be implemented. Cost affectivity and certain other queries may also click the mind at an instant one get to know about it. It can be used on the walls along with panels in contrast colors. It will look befitting and stylish indeed if the wall selected for the ombre paint is pronounced and take the center stage with respect to the others and makes an eye catching effect. If the room is small, then it will be more stylish and unique and give more pronounced effect instead of the large rooms.


Interior decorator may be stuck between what colors to be used to create such an effect. In this regard, the best option would be to handpick the colors that are already laid out and being used in the room. In this way, it will be easy to link the new selected color to the overall ambience on paper and see the effect it might create. Same may be analyzed using the interior decor software and online portals. The intrinsic art of playing with colors will be handy in this regard. Play with colors that resonate the feel of the season or for that matter the nature of the home owner. Having a cardboard and create the mix will further help. Use the mixture of colors and see what possible the result is and how it will look on the wall once it is painted as such.

The number of colors to be used to create such an effect is another important phenomenon. Using 2 to 3 is common but you can use as many colors as you want to. But being specific about the overall effect is the key here. It completely depends upon the user as to how he wants the implementation of the effect. Whole room may be painted such but the effect of the flocking technique will be more pronounced if one wall is bolder than the rest.


The beauty of the technique is that if everything goes wrong, then adding one or more color may alter the overall feel and you still feel good about it. This technique is mostly a DIY project kind of thing and can be implemented by individual or the family by themselves alone without having to take the help and ideas from the interior designers of homes. All you need are the following equipment to start creating the ombre effect of your choice:-

  • Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Paint Rollers
  • Small sized Brushes
  • Dust Sheet
  • Card Board

Certain things, if you are doing it all by yourself and that too for the first time, are to be kept in mind:

  • Use the chalk to make sure the exact point where the two colors are to blend.
  • Always start from the top and go till bottom
  • Once you reach the point of blend, make sure that your roller run out of the color and so as to create naturally the blending effect.
  • The next color should be started along the line and be worked upwards to create the flocking effect.
  • Wait for both the colors to get dry and then work on the blending effect.

By following these tips, you will be able to have the best decoration that will always give you satisfaction and happiness.