Some companies don’t care about the look of their office pantry because as long as the office boy could provide anything all the needs of the employees from coffee up to biscuit they like, they don’t mind about how the office pantry looks like. However, by designing your office pantry in decent way and hire a professional to work in your office pantry, you don’t need to spend your company’s budget to pay expensive restaurant when you have important guesses to serve.

Well, the office pantry designs ideas above are some recommendations that you could choose for your office pantry. By designing your office pantry to have a decent look, you would always be able to serve your guess for lunch or dinner without the need to reserve a fancy restaurant. Here are several office pantry designs ideas you could apply to your office:

Modern office pantry design

Modern Office Pantry Design Image 252The first idea is modern office pantry design which is emphasizing the minimalist design. In one side of the room you could add a bar and some chairs in modern design with no back rest. In the other side, you could add a comfort corner couch.

Colorful pantry design

Colorful Office Pantry Design Image 250The second idea is colorful office pantry design which is emphasizing in the choice of colorful color. Yellow is one that is recommended. White or soft cream is the basic color of the office pantry wall and then yellow is added as the color scheme only. More yellows could be found from the furniture like chairs or the pillars.

Small office pantry design

Small Office Pantry Design Image 251

The second idea is small office pantry design that is especially designed for those who don’t have spacious office pantry. Well, the office pantry can be designed in one side of the wall only which is consisting of refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, kitchen sink and cabinets that are hung over the tables used to place the glasses, coffee pot, tea pot and so on.

White office pantry design

White Office Pantry Design Image 253White office pantry design is an office pantry designs idea that suits best for a company with a spacious office pantry. A big refrigerator is placed in one side of the wall and in the middle of the room a table where foods are served and a small table for the plates and the bowls, so employee could choose the meal they want to eat themselves.

Furthermore, you could always be able to customize the office pantry designs ideas mentioned above so suits best to your specific needs.