Deciding the best office interior design are need more ideas that can help you in improving your office. Furthermore, having good interior design brings your office to the luxury nuance, professional looking and increase productivity, therefore, choosing the inspiring office interior design ideas become the important thing for you. Why should be confused in increasing your staffs ability in their production if the simple office interior design ideas can help you to solve it? Okay, let’s discuss what you need to create a comfortable office to work.

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In creating new office interior, you need to consider several things so that it is easy for you to achieve the professional nuance in your office. You can work perfectly in the nice environment and it can be accomplished by decorating several parts of the office.

Designing charming guest room

Office Guest Room Ideas Image 107Guest room is the initial impressions that will determine how the condition of your office in guests opinion. This room needs more attention in terms of decor. “U” sofas arrangements with a square table in the middle is good to make guests comfortable when discussing. But if your office is small, a medium-sized round table with several chairs around it was enough as a place to receive guests. Hanging company logo, a plaque award or other company’s achievements photos in this room to increase prestige in the clients views.

Build great “Big Boss” room

Glass Office Interior Design Image 105Designing boss room not less important to the reception room. A boss needs a comfortable place to thinking all about the office. You can display photos when the holidays with an employee or a small aquarium with colorful fish in the corner. These decorations is the one that you are looking for as this can help you in refreshing your minds and can avoid you from any stress. Use of a medium multi-functional table size with multiple drawers and mini file cabinet for storing important files as well as your personal table. This room should be built adjacent to the employee workspace and use the glass room divider so you can supervise all employees activity.

The comfortable employee workspace

Office Interior Round Table Image 106

To design this room can be adjusted by the number of employees you have. For some employees can use the modular office furniture in order to save cost and space. But if you have dozens or hundreds of employees, use the long table and then create a partition extending from the fiber to divide it into several mini workspace. Give a little freedom for your employees to make their workplaces in accordance with the taste but still looks neat an clean so they can enjoy their works and their project if they are working in the best place that supports them.

Colorful pantry ideas

Pantry Office Interior Design Image 104The pantry placement should be far from the workspace because it can interfere concentration when we’re working then smell the delicious food in pantry. Pantry must be easily accessible but not too far away because it will take a lot of time for your office boy to serve drinks to guests. The ideal location of the pantry is an addition to the work space but on different room and confined space.

Color and Painting Ideas


The combination of colors is affecting people in it. For color of the guest room, boss and employees workspace can use white color because it’s look clean also wider. For the pantry could use a bright color, like red or orange. Such colors are expected to re-increase employee spirit after work.The color of furniture can be customized to the design style of your office interior. But ideally office furniture use solid color like black or dark brown.