Cubicle decorations is commonly become additional service in an office which are arranged to create new spirit for the worker. Cubicle is usually found in office where many people work in a place. To minimize wall installation in office, cubicles are built to separate into small chamber for each person to the others, so that the worker would be more focus in doing their job. Commonly, many offices look so formal and boring. This situation causes stress level of the workers increase and the jobs would be neglected.  Based on this problem, many unique decorations are chosen to beautify the office look so that the office would look more attractive and cozy.

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Although office is not a private place for you, it doesn’t matter if you want something different in your cubicle space. Besides it is used to reduce the stresses, the comfortable decorations also give work spirit so you can do your job faster and happily. Some cubicle themes are offered in the internet. But why don’t you create your own style of office cubicle? Below are some of tips in creating your own “little office”.

Unique theme to increase job spirit

Christmas cubicle decorations ideasWhen you got stuck in choosing the concepts, be creative guys. Hundred inspiration can be found out there. You can adopt style of your favorite soccer team, action figures or your can decorate with your wife photos when carrying your son. Some people decide what they like to become their cubicle theme. Unique themes of cubicle decorations such as: summer dream, underwater world, bamboo forest, world cup, Christmas, classic, and even war are decided to choose. With 5-6 feet tall and enough space, ensure that you will be able to apply your own theme inside.

Wallpaper to decorate the cubicle

Wallpaper is the best solution for you who are really busy to decorate your cubicle based on a theme, since it would spend more time to prepare some suitable accessories. Currently, you can find beautiful mural or motif on wallpaper in various colors. Try to choose wallpaper as desire then start to apply them on the cubicle. It is simple, isn’t it? You can apply the wallpaper on the entire cubicle wall or only half on the upper part of cubicle wall. For the furnishing, stick your photo sticker on it to beautify your 2 meter squares room.

Tidy is important

Unique bamboo cubicle decorations ideasKeep your cubicle clean and tidy. This simple sentence will create a big influence for your working. Dustbin under the desk is important to throw the rubbish and any paper that are not useful anymore. Try to put something back to its place so that it would be there when you need them. Make an area to stick notes on the cubicle wall, stick important notes on it to remind you easily. Clock is also important to make you focus on the job deadline.

Simple with paint in cubicle decoration

Using paint with various colors as your cubicle backdrop is also good choice. Mix and match the color to create cheerful and attractive nuance while you are working. Some color combination can be applied on the furniture and gadget in the cubicle. For example: orange, yellow, and green color combination. Orange in two sides of cubicle and yellow in other sides would increase your energy. Put a vase of green plant as fresh spot in the cubicle. Some colorful accessories such as purple book prop, pink clock, Blue photo frame, etc would be interesting for cubicle decorations.