Nursery room is a special bedroom in which your newborn baby spends his/her daily time. This type of bedroom is made not only for baby, but it also used by children under five or more. There many interior design for nursery room which so attractive to be installed and suit your baby or children character. Nursery wall decals become great solution to ease interior theme application for nursery room. You will get some tips in picking various nursery wall decals simply and don’t miss our wall decals collection for more inspiration in finding the most suitable decals for your lovely one.


You certainly have to decide the mural dimension, application, and position surround the nursery room wall. Some nursery room interior design only applied little wall decals on the colorful wall arrangement. If you want still to fill the wall room with paint, try to part the wall with nursery wall decals on the middle, lower or upper part of wall. You can gently pick big, medium, or small mural of wall decals. It will better if you fit the dimension with the baby, it means with small dimension of wall decals that applied on the wall.


Nursery Wall DecalsWaiting for your baby arrives in the world commonly make you impatient. In this condition when you feel to decorate nursery room before your baby arrived, ensure you know your baby gender to help you decide the appropriate theme. The most favorite nursery wall decals theme is related to baby that is soft, calm, attractive, and colorful. Choose animal, flower, plant, sport, transportation, and other wall decals with attractive colors blended each others. There are several nursery wall decals that should you pick such as: Baby Bear, Baby Zoo Animals, Bubbles, Butterfly Gardens, Tall Flower Garden Growth, and so on. Monkey wall decals are the most popular because it’s funny and always make us smile when see it.

Color nuance

Color is the important thing in selecting nursery wall decals. Try to choose soft color with various color options on its mural, this color composition will attract and give inspiration for your baby when she/he grown. Those color also have to match to the furniture color included cot, closet, table, and other baby furniture. Actually there are some attractive information related to the color you chosen. Every color has its meaning, and this fact help you to relate it to your kid character. Pink is love color, it contains of love, warmth, and nurture emotions. Blue contains of loyalty, peace, serenity, and sincerity emotions. Yellow contains of cheer, optimism, irritability, and warmth emotions.